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10 Active Vacation Ideas for Singles

Going on vacation as a single person can be an exhilarating and expansive journey. Old expectations may paint pictures of quiet hotel rooms and lonely meals, but the reality is quite different. Solo travelers form communities wherever they go and have an enhanced level of personal freedom. You can pursue any of the activities that a group might have access to on their travels. Take inspiration from the following possible vacation idea for an active single traveler. 

1. Ship Excursion

Board one of the ocean cruises from California and reserve shore excursions before your vacation. Cruise lines arrange a variety of activities for days on land, such as tropical forest hikes or Alaskan dog sled rides. Research popular options at each stop along your journey, and plan physical activity within the ship’s fitness facilities. A great cruise line will exceed your expectation and provide a group of like-minded, enthusiastic passengers. If you’re looking for an exciting cruise, you can also choose to go whale watching los angeles to see giant blue whales, finback whales, gray whales and many more in their natural habitat!

2. Cycling Tour

A guided cycling tour allows participants to slow down as they pass landmarks, and it is awesome for building endurance fitness. Plan ahead and adjust your tour choice based on elevation, climate, and evening accommodations. A weeklong cycling tour vacation should include hotel accommodations, meals, technical support, luggage transportation, route information, and local cultural stops. Consider cycling through rural Vermont to view the famous autumn foliage in October.

3. Scuba Adventure

Get certified as a scuba diver at your local scuba shop and fly off to a tropical resort. Join a scuba adventure group with other qualified travelers and learn about sea life in your chosen vacation destination. Guided scuba adventures are perfect for single travelers because you can focus on life under the sea. You may also have access to topical lectures about marine biology, depending on your program host. 

4. Western Ranch Experience 

Insert yourself in a classic Western movie by having a ranch resort experience. As a solo traveler, you can spend all of your time on guided trail rides and enjoy the outdoors. You can show up for early morning excursions without organizing a reluctant group. This can be an ideal time for writers to play with imagining characters in atmospheric settings, too. Find a family-run ranch for an authentic experience. 

5. Ski Weekend

Polish your skis and fly down the black diamond slopes on vacation. Reserve a cozy room in a luxury ski lodge and unwind with cocoa by the lounge fire. Sign up for private or group lessons for new skiers, or get advanced tips from a pro. Scout out the social scene for post-slope fondue or sweater shopping. 

6. Solo Hike

You can visit and stay in a vineyard like the Rutherglen winery accommodation, or go on a spiritually rejuvenating solo hike for a weekend, or commit to a large stretch of the Appalachian Trail. A well-prepared solo hiker can grow in confidence as they move through the forest and set up camp. Learn about leave-no-trace hiking practices and plan for all contingencies. Write a journal during your solo hike to create a record of your trek.  

7. Fitness Spa

Check in to a fitness spa or weakness resort for a week, where you can eat nutritious meals and work out in a gorgeous setting. Single travelers can double-task, finding time for relaxation while strengthening their bodies for the future. Book a wellness stay with organized group hikes or daily yoga. 

8. Canoe Trip

A canoe trip provides a peaceful and alternative experience to a solo hike, with hours spent on the water exploring gentle waterways. You can carry your supplies with you in your canoe and enjoy a break from the fast-paced city life. If you’re new to the activity, consider learning how to paddle board before setting off on your journey.

9. Surfing Getaway

Crest a gnarly wave off the shores of a Hawaiian island or learn to stand up in the water off of Venice Beach. You can also follow surfing competitions to get in on the action and find community. 

10. RV Journey

Bring your canine companion along for a cross-country RV trip and visit friends in between solo days. The American open road is an iconic place to find clarity and joy on a personal journey. Stop and embrace nature at national parks.

Be bold and go solo for your next adventure. 

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