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3 Innovative Technologies Present in Resmed Aircurve 10 ST BiPAP 

The AirCurve 10 ST is a BiLevel device that, because of its built-in backup rate, provides perfect patient ventilator synchronization. The AirCurve 10ST is the greatest option for patients who want exceptionally dependable, non-invasive ventilation whether they are receiving treatment at home or in a hospital setting. It is outfitted with all the most cutting-edge technological capabilities. 

In this article we will be discussing the best 3 technology or settings present in Resmed 

Aircurve 10 ST-

  1. Vsync Leak Management Technology

Based on their extensive noninvasive ventilation expertise, ResMed developed the leak management algorithm known as Vsync (NIV). Vsync tracks and fixes unintentional mask leaks to guarantee that patients receive the required therapeutic pressure. Accurate breath detection is ensured by Vsync, acting in sync with TiControl, even when there is a substantial leak.

The goal of ResMed’s Vsync technology is to detect irregular and rapidly changing leaks and rectify them by delivering the right flow at the right time to maintain patient-device synchronization.

When it detects a rapid, significant shift in leak flow, Vsync instantly decreases its typical 10-second scanning window to two seconds. This makes it possible for prompt resynchronization, which typically takes two to three breaths. Without Vsync, a leak’s increased flow might be mistaken for patient inhalation by the ventilator, resulting in a failure to transition from EPAP to IPAP. As a result, both the ventilator’s ability to cycle the breath and its ability to match the patient’s breathing effort may be hindered.

  1. Ti Control Technology

With the use of the unique function known as TiControl, a medical professional may specify the minimum and maximum durations for the inspiration phase. Early or late cycling is a common complication of pressure support ventilation in individuals with more severe respiratory conditions. 

Ti Control prevents early and/or late cycling, allowing patients to breathe comfortably throughout their prescribed treatment. Metrogyl 400 You can select minimum (Ti Min) and maximum (Ti Max) time constraints for the device’s IPAP state using TiControl, which is only available on ResMed bilevel devices. To provide the patient an opportunity to spontaneously cycle to EPAP, these time constraints are positioned at either end of the patient’s ideal spontaneous inspiratory period.

  1. Climate Control Technology

By enhancing patient comfort and assisting in the prevention of dry mouth, nose, and throat, humidification can significantly improve the therapeutic experience for your patients. In order to assist wet the air and make therapy more pleasant, ResMed devices provide adjustable humidity levels.

You may choose to set the humidity level to Off or on a rising range from 1 to 8. Patients with dry mouths or noses are advised to use higher levels, while those who complain of too much moisture in their mask should use lower amounts.

A heated humidifier with ClimateLineAir tubing is included with the Aircurve 10 ST. For each humidifier setting, the Climate Control system delivers a constant volume of water vapor, or absolute humidity (AH), to the patient’s upper airway.

A sophisticated system called Climate Control controls the heated humidifier ResMed HumidAir and the heated tubing ClimateLineAir. It has two settings: Auto, where the humidity and temperature are pre-set to provide the best possible comfort, and Manual, where patients can change the humidity and temperature to their own personal comfort levels. By inserting the ClimateLineAir heated tube and pressing Start, patients may receive relaxing therapy in Auto mode without having to fiddle with settings or menus.

Well there are not only three but many advanced features and comfort settings available in aircurve 10 ST that makes the therapy more natural and comfortable. 

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