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A Complete List of the Top Writing Apps for Your Mac

Writing is a time-consuming journey involving skills, creativity and research. Those days are gone when writing meant using an old-school typewriter, paper, and pen/pencil. Today, you can get your mental juices flowing while sitting in front of your computer or laptop. What’s more, you ask? Your journey to become a successful writer is simplified if you are a Mac user, thanks to the following incredibly feature-rich writing applications. Ensure these are installed on your Mac system as soon as possible.


Ulysses offers an incredible array of tools for all kinds of writers. The app is easy to pick up and use. It is a user-friendly application with an intuitive interface that provides various customization options for writing and exporting the written document. You can choose to work in Markdown or create your markup style. Thanks to Ulysses, you can create your specific writing environment with fonts and background colors.

When you have finished writing, and it is time to publish your work, you can easily export it in different formats, such as DOCX, plain text and ePub. You can even publish it to WordPress sites or Medium. You can even sync your projects with iCloud between iPhone, Mac and iPad. Dropbox support is also available for your convenience. Recently, the app added support for Touch ID to ensure the safety of users’ documents. 

MS Word

Microsoft’s Office Suite is highly sought-after across the globe because it offers a broad range of document-editing applications. Out of these apps, MS Word is the widely used one. MS Word’s interface is appealing and user-friendly. The app offers several tools for formatting and editing documents to simplify a writer’s task. That’s why the software has been the go-to option for millions of people. 

While the app has auto-save features, the files and documents might fail to get saved correctly if your system has frozen or shut down abruptly. It is safe to say that the auto-save feature of Word is not the most reliable. Therefore, Mac users using MS Word need to be extra careful when working on this app so they don’t lose their documents. Fortunately, some techniques help users retrieve their unsaved or deleted files. 

If you wonder how to recover unsaved Word document, one of the most accessible options will be to use Disk Drill. The software is dedicated to helping Mac users recover lost documents without fuss. Alternatively, you can locate your unsaved files on the AutoRecovery folder found on your Mac system. Open Finder > select Go > select Go To Folder > enter the command “/Users/Library/Containers/com. Microsoft/Data/Library/Preferences/AutoRecovery,” and you will be directed to the Containers folder in your system’s library. 


Bear is a relatively new application with a simple, intuitive interface and user-friendly controls. The app offers users a great deal of flexibility in handling their text. Bear is great for creating to-do lists and notes. The app supports Markdown and promotes simple organization and a variety of themes. 

Thanks to Bear, you can make your writing enjoyable by adding images, code blocks, and files or giving it more context. 

When using this app, you can select how to sort your documents. You can pick a theme, choose your font and control fine-grain details like line height and width, font size and paragraph spacing. If you wish to sync your documents between Bear and iPad, iPhone or Mac, you must become a Bear Pro user by paying $1.49 per month. You can also get a yearly subscription at $19.99. 


Pages are Apple’s writing application, allowing users to create different types of documents on their favorite Mac systems of any model. The app offers over sixty templates, covering all the different writing styles, including research papers, thesis or short essays. You will even find templates for items like flyers and business cards. Additionally, users can add shapes and images. You can lay out your documents in different styles, etc. Also, you can secure your documents with Touch ID. 

Thanks to this application, you can easily collaborate with your team. Multiple people, regardless of working on iOS, Windows or Mac, can collaborate on a document simultaneously, thanks to iCloud. The collaborative documents can be shared with specific people, and you can decide who can access the documents. 

The Bottom Line 

These writing applications for Mac mentioned above can simplify your writing journey and help you become a successful writer. The app’s user-friendly interface ensures users don’t have to spend hours mastering how to use them and can quickly start writing their thoughts and ideas. You can customize the background colors, fonts and templates according to the needs of your specific writing project. So, install these on your Mac and look forward to an enjoyable writing experience.

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