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Are Wholesale Stickers Worth it for Businesses?

As small business owners, there is a lot to contend with.  Obviously, there’s no shortage of stresses and situations to add onto our plates at any given time.  So, when it comes to effective ways to market, label, or even create our products, it’s a relief when we don’t have to worry about them as much.

Of course, that requires knowing that it’s handled for us, right?  One way to do so is to get your labels or stickers in large batches.  Wholesale sellers are one option for that, and today we’ll be discussing whether or not they’re worth it.  It will of course depend on the size of your order, frequency of your purchases, and what you need printed in specific.


Whether or not we realize it on a daily basis, labels and logos are a lot of what drives our recognition for brands and their products.  As you can read about on this page, it’s a surprisingly integral part of building up an overall brand image both in our communities and on social media.  Obviously, there are several ways to go about cultivating this sort of thing, but labels are one that should be near the top of the list.

Each place that we shop has a fairly distinctive label on the price tags or on the goods that we receive from them.  Think about buying a package from a brand that you trust – most likely, there will be some sort of sticker label within the packaging that is memorable.  Creating them for our own businesses is a bit of a no-brainer, really.


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When it comes to stickers, things are a bit more complex.  Really, it’s just that a business can use them for their own branding as well as order them to create products.  Many independent artists use their designs on bulk wholesale stickers to sell them later.  Why would they do that, though?

At the end of the day, getting the stickers from a wholesale company tends to make cost of goods lower overall.  That’s true both for smaller orders and for bulk ones, so keep that in mind.  If you don’t see any customization options on a website initially, it may be worth contacting their customer service to see everything that’s available.  

Large purchases for these sorts of things come with their own advantages and disadvantages, but a lot of those negatives can be subverted by going wholesale.  Because there is inherent quality control, that’s not something you will need to stress about nearly as much.  Additionally, though, you can order large volumes of whatever sorts of stickers you intend to create while still getting a good deal.

Are they Worth it, though?

Now, as far as the value of them goes, that will somewhat depend on what the intent behind the purchase is.  However, in general, it’s fairly safe to say “yes” they’ll be worth it, so long as the plan for using them is solid as well.  Blogs like this one,, help to explain why that is.

At the end of the day, the goal for most businesses is to be both recognizable and successful.  While it can be a long road to achieve that goal, a lot of the things that we can do along the way will make it a smoother process.  Honing our image is just one of them.

Stickers and labels can be a huge help there, since we can put our logo on them or other imagery relating to our brand or our products that gets the message across to consumers.  As was said, even the smallest of details as far as adding labels to packaging in shipping can make a surprisingly big difference in the impression that we leave on our customers.

For anyone already considering getting some, though, the question likely becomes where to source them from.  Printers aren’t exactly difficult to find in general, but quality ones are a bit trickier, there.  What should you look for in terms of a quality wholesale sticker seller?

The ability to purchase in bulk is one of them, naturally.  That’s especially true if they are asking you to submit a custom order or to contact them to do so, since the higher volume orders often require some human interaction to get completed accurately.  It takes the guesswork out of dealing with AI on a shopping site, something that most folks can appreciate at least to some extent.

Additionally, a wide variety of products is another good sign.  Now, if you’re ever looking for something not listed on your retailer of choice’s site, you can always contact customer service to see if you can work out a custom order.  Either way, though, it would be hard to say they’re not worth it.

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