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Casino Lies That You Definitely Don’t Want to Believe

There are many reasons why the house always wins in casinos and other gambling establishments, and these reasons are carefully guarded secrets. Find out all the juicy details that casinos don’t want you to know right here.

There Are Many Spins That Are Predetermined To Pay Less Than Others

New players are likely to be perplexed by the fact that after 100 spins on a single slot machine, they are winning more frequently but less times overall. This is due to the constant evolution of the game. The risk-reward ratio of each game is determined by variation.

Slots with a moderate RTP and high variance tend to pay out more frequently. This type of slot machine has a high house edge and few payoffs, but it can quickly multiply your starting bankroll.

Video Slot Machines Are Not Affected By Changes In Temperature

You can never know whether your chances of winning are higher or lower at any given time, and there is no such thing as a “hot” or “cold” slot machine. In addition, there is no foolproof method for finding the winning slot machine secret code. No matter if you play late at night, early in the morning, or right after a casino technician has serviced the machines, your odds of winning are the same every time.

To date, there is no way to modify the payout percentage of a digital slot machine. Slot machines all use a gaming PRNG algorithm to generate random outcomes, or the symbols that appear on the reels, after each spin. Many people believe the falsehood that slot machines can experience a winning or losing streak. The option of making payments in a variety of ways gives players flexibility.

Game Designers Are Starting To Use Soothing Visuals Even When You Lose As A Psychological Weapon

When you play a round of a random number generator game at a digital casino, you can count on the music and visuals to be entertaining. It stands to reason that even the most minor of victories would be met with equally joyous visual and auditory effects.

Keep track of the action and noise, though, especially when you’re on the losing end of things. Keep an eye out for the ways in which they imply that a huge payout is just around the corner or that you need only one scatter symbol to trigger a bonus round. The point of these animations is to make you feel so uneasy that you can’t stop spinning the reels until you get a big win and can bask in the euphoria of the accompanying music and visuals.

Blackjack, Craps, And Roulette Offer The Best Odds.

The lowest house edges (between 0.50% and 2.70%) can be found in the games of blackjack, craps, and roulette. According to the numbers, your odds of winning a substantial payout while participating in such games are well above 97%.

In order to beat the high house edge, players need to employ standard blackjack and craps betting strategies. A 00 slot gives the house a two to one advantage when playing roulette. Play on a roulette table with fewer numbers to lower the house edge. They’re always happy to assist patrons with any questions or problems they may have.

Online Casinos Offer Tempting Bonuses Because They Know Their Customers Lose More Often Than They Win

To encourage you to spend more money on their games, they offer tempting incentives like free spins and deposit bonuses. Free casino money gives the illusion of an infinite bankroll. To make matters worse, you’ll have to risk your bonus money before you can withdraw and keep what you win.

Once a player has exhausted their bonuses, they will begin betting their own money in an attempt to restore their balance to its pre-bonus levels. Spending their money, they will take advantage of the next promotion to earn more bonuses, and so on, until they have used up all of the money they initially deposited.

Players Rarely Stop For Bathroom Breaks

When luck is on their side and the slots are paying out, some gamblers don’t give themselves enough time to pleasantly empty their bladders. If you assume otherwise, you clearly don’t understand the difficulties casino workers and security guards face on a daily basis.

Dealers and pit bosses often joke that gamblers will resort to wearing adult diapers if it means they can keep playing for a little longer. Furthermore, there are players who have committed murder without leaving their seats, and it’s not as uncommon as you might think.

Almost All Modern Casino Chips Contain Radio Frequency Identification Chips

Radio-frequency identification chips are used for a variety of purposes in prestigious casinos, one of which is security. The RFID technology built into each player’s chip allows casinos to track where they are at all times. If someone were to steal chips from the Bellagio Casino, they would be useless. In 2010, RFID technology helped the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas prevent a $1.5 million heist. With the advent of RFID labels, casinos now have a foolproof method of verifying the authenticity of their chips, effectively ending the practise of chip counterfeiting.

Using radio frequency identification chips, casino management can monitor high-stakes players. An employee can keep an eye on players’ chip activity to identify any outliers, like a player who regularly wins a lot of money. Additionally, management can isolate high-stakes players or customers. Incentives like free lodging and meals may be offered to high-stakes gamblers by the casino in an effort to keep them there.

However, RFID chips are only used in higher denomination chips, such as in active RFID tags that constantly broadcast their signal to a base station. The staff’s ability to track a sizable sum of money is bolstered by the use of RFID technology on expensive chips. Some very large-scale theft schemes and scams have been foiled thanks to RFID gambling chips.

Slots Are Conceived With Careful Planning

Every casino optimises their slot machine placement strategy for maximum profits. Businesses are not likely to randomly place slot machines throughout their establishment.

Casino managers and owners will pay close attention to the most high-traffic areas of the floor plans. Locations with heavy foot traffic, such as near the casino entrance or in passageways leading to the casino’s hotels and retail outlets, are ideal for premium slot machines.

Casinos rely heavily on money wagered on “premium slots,” as they are more commonly known, to bring in customers and money. Farther away slot machines typically receive fewer wagers and fewer players. It’s a well-known fact that the best slot machines in a casino are always hidden away in the farthest corners of the room.

Minimal But Frequent Payouts Are The Hook Offered By Some Slot Machines

If you notice a run of lucky spins on a particular machine, you would do well to play one of the many slot machines with a high return to player (RTP). The term “return to player” is used to quantify the expected payout of a slot machine (RTP). You should keep track of how much money you are receiving from this type of game so that you can maximise your winnings.

The higher the return to player (RTP), the more likely it is that a player will continue playing for an extended period of time, ultimately resulting in a large monetary loss for the casino. On the other hand, this slot machine allows you to set your own loss limits. You can make safe and quick deposits and withdrawals at their site.


Almost every one of these suggestions illuminates a lesser-known tactic employed by casinos to safeguard client funds while still maximising profits. Familiarity with these methods is yet another way to give yourself an edge at the casino.

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