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Checking Out the Best Neighborhoods of Nashville

Nashville is one of the most popular cities for young professionals and families that want to keep life fun and exciting without the high price tags of most cities. From the immense amount of entertainment to the great schools and how easy it is to have a work-life balance: there’s nothing like Nashville.

These are the top neighborhoods in this amazing city and why it should be your next move! 

1. East Nashville

If you want to live somewhere trendy and young while still generally affordable, it’s time to visit East Nashville. Often seen as the city’s most progressive area, this is an incredible business hub and is home to countless houses, duplexes, apartments, and so much more that allow you to make the space your own.

Although it has a lot going on for it, East Nashville is separated from many of the other large portions of the city, so it can be a drive to get to areas like The Gulch or Hillsboro Village.

2. Belmont Blvd

Sometimes the best part of a neighborhood is the views. Although there are million-dollar homes in this neighborhood, it’s also home to more affordable properties and is filled with beautiful trails and walks that will keep you active year-round. 

Famous coffeehouse Bongo Java calls Belmont Blvd home, as well as the well-known Belmont University that this area is named after! 

3. The Gulch

Just south of downtown Nashville, this trendy area is great for young professionals who want to have fun while getting to stay pretty close to most employers. Here you can enjoy the best food in the city, but you should be aware that most Nashville houses for sale here can be pricey because it’s in high demand.  

The nightlife and fun artsy scene here will make you fall in love with the Gulch! 

4. Hillsboro Village

If you want to live in a college-town area that’s family-friendly yet has great nightlife: it’s time to head to Hillsboro Village. This great neighborhood has over 20 bars and restaurants, countless boutiques and local shops, and an incredible array of things to do and enjoy.

Whether you want to buy a full house or you’re more interested in a duplex or townhouse, you’ll find something that matches your style and budget here.

5. Midtown

Sometimes it’s the food that makes all the difference! Here in Midtown, you can check out countless top-level restaurants and check out fun bars like a speakeasy-themed dining experience at Patterson House!

This is a more expensive area to live in, but there’s endless live music and tons of choices for anyone who wants to get away and enjoy some fun and entertainment while never straying too far from home. This is most popular with young adults and starting families who don’t have a huge budget and wants some fun.

This Rockin’ City Will Blow You Away!

Nashville is a fantastic mix of fun and industrious, ensuring you can have the time of your life while making a good amount of money every year. Consider some of these neighborhoods when you’re ready for your next move.

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