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Coding: Does the Internet Need to be Used?

Developers use the internet for a variety of purposes. However, there are also developers who code without caring about the internet. Thus, the user’s use of the internet will depend on the type of code they are writing. Some coders need high-speed internet, so they keep using network speed tests if their code isn’t performing well, while on the other hand, some just require a platform to execute their program.

Does a Coder Really Need the Internet?

For a real developer whose task is to develop a program, it’s not really important to have internet for him or her.  It’s because all a developer has to do is complete a program and execute it. However, if a code is being written with a different purpose or different strategy, can use the internet.

Use of the Internet for a Developer:

There are a number of ways in which you can utilize the internet when developing, some of which are discussed below:


There are a lot of people who are looking forward to learning new skills. This is why some of them buy premium courses that demand good internet speed to play. In this way, the user can learn and practice simultaneously. In case the video lectures aren’t playing well or buffering a lot could mean that the speed of the internet is slow. In such as case, the user can confirm the internet speed using the network speed test tool.

The user who is new in the field has to face many bugs, which is hard to do on its own. Thus, it is better to provide internet to users so that when they encounter any kinds of bugs in their programs, they can easily find a solution and fix them.

Furthermore, it also helps in the learning purpose. If, for instance, a developer is finding it difficult to construct a logic for a program, he or she can use the internet for learning purposes in order to get through the process.

Use of API and IDE

There are some programmers who write the whole code manually. While, on the other hand, there are some who use online API and IDE to perform.

Such types of programs require high-quality internet to execute in a perfect way. The good Internet speed will not only load the content fast but also help in executing the input/output programs and learning how they really work.Learn more about how coding is important and how it is interrelated to the internet speed from this java Course.

Live Test

It is common for programmers to have a task on a live website or application. They are provided with FTP, also called File transfer protocol. It helps to share the code of the live website on the cloud, which can be further accessed by the programmer.

By using it they can make changes in the programs and get instant results on the live platform. In this way, the developer can learn about files with which he or she has to deal. Once the programmer is done with it, it can upload the updated file back to the admin and share the live results.

It is important to do the network speed test once the developer starts working. So there is no delay in updating the file as well as in results.

Share Files on the Internet

It is essential to have the internet to share the code with others. The user can share code using any kind of platform, upload it to any website or sell using the internet.

It is possible to share code for a variety of reasons, such as taking suggestions or feedback, showing the work to the client, and so on. However, the major use of sharing files on the internet is to sell their code.

It will be no use in writing a code if it’s built perfectly and kept hidden. So it is better to share it on the internet for a price. This can also result in a source of income, but only when the code is written well.

Platforms offer live previews of the code, which lets others see how your code performs and if it is better for them. It will not be a problem for them to pay the price for the effort put into it if they find it interesting.

Final Thoughts

It is important for some developers to perform a network speed test that requires the internet. It’s because it will be all in vain to have the internet with slow speed. Hence, if a developer requires internet access, it is recommended that he or she have a good internet speed. At the same time, coders who do not care about the internet and are skilled enough to write their own programs without any help or suggestions might also require an internet connection to sell their services and programs online.

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