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How To Choose A Carbon Plate Running Shoe

Carbon plate running shoes have a carbon plate inserted in their soles. Tests and studies have proven that the carbon plate helps users use 4% less energy while running. Doing so allows runners to go faster and maintain a steady speed for longer. These shoes became popular in 2019 when the world-famous Kenyan Marathoner Eliud Kipchoge broke the two-hour marathon barrier while wearing carbon-plated running shoes. Since then, runners have been running to purchase a pair of carbon plate shoes. This has triggered more brands to develop unique carbon plate running shoe designs. Therefore, there are many types, brands, and designs of carbon-plated running shoes from which to choose. Below are some guidelines for choosing the best carbon-plated running shoes:

Consider their weight and durability

One of the best things about carbon-plated running shoes is their lightweight nature. The shoes contain a thin carbon plate fibre that allows runners to maintain a steady speed and run for long distances without spending too much energy. However, other materials used to make the shoes matter besides the carbon fibre plate’s weight. Therefore, it would be wise to consider all the materials and how they impact the overall shoe weight. It is also worth mentioning that weight usually impacts durability. Extremely lightweight shoes are more prone to tears. Therefore, your goal should be to find a perfect balance between lightweight material and durability when selecting carbon-plated running shoes. Other elements that influence the durability of running shoes are the construction and quality of materials.

Consider the comfort of the shoes

Something most people fail to consider when purchasing running shoes is how they feel when wearing the shoes. Some salespersons may mislead purchasers into purchasing uncomfortable by assuring them that they will feel more comfortable when broken. However, it is worth noting that the comfort of the shoes is important for their effectiveness. Comfort is all about how natural the shoe feels to your stride. The comfort allows you to maintain your momentum when running. Therefore, no matter how lightweight and efficient the carbon-plated running shoes are, they will not benefit you if they are not comfortable.

Stability is also essential

Stability is the quality of maintaining a steady position or balance. It is an important quality in running shoes because it allows you to maintain momentum. Stable carbon-plated running shoes feature supporting elements around the midfoot section to maintain their position. By doing so, they prevent the feet in a neutral position and prevent them from rolling inward. Furthermore, stability helps prevent injuries while running. The stability of carbon-plated running shoes also ensures that you are not overworking specific muscles, which can affect the quality of your running experience. Therefore, when choosing the best carbon-plated running shoes, you should pay keen attention to their stability.

Consider your running distance

Not all running shoes are designed for all running distances. For instance, there are shoes for short distances and others for long-distance running. This also applies to carbon-plated running shoes. Carbon-plated running shoes designed for long-distance running have a well-cushioned midsole for support and quality materials for endurance. On the other hand, short-distance running shoes have less cushioning. Therefore, before purchasing your carbon-plated running shoes, you should consider your running distance and specific design elements that can help.

The quality of the grip

The outsole usually influences the shoe’s grip. The outsole is the shoe part that contacts the ground and provides traction and protection from the surface. The grip refers to the tight hold the outsole has on the shoes. A running shoe with a good grip allows for good traction. It also reduces the risk of slipping, especially when running in wet conditions. Therefore, something else worth considering when choosing a carbon plate running shoe is its grip.


Carbon-plated running shoes are a worthy investment because they offer numerous benefits. Besides the factors above, the price of carbon plate running shoes is also worth considering. While most people associate high prices with high quality, this is not always the case. If you know where to look, you can easily find affordable carbon-plated running shoes at affordable prices. However, it would be wise to assess and research the seller beforehand, so you are not misled.

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