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Legal Requirements Vs Budget Concerns

Business Organization in the UAE seek the expertise of eminent Lawyers by topLaw Firms in Dubai or UAE,to understand the law dynamics and apply them in their business infrastructure to avoid any legal mishaps. However, the decision to hire a panel of top lawyers or to go with a temporary legal aid depends on the budget, and extent of complexity faced by the firm in question. Normally it is impractical and infeasible for small firms to hire a panel of legal solicitors to take care of their legal requirements. Therefore, they often rely on in-house efforts first to work out legal solutions without having to spend on the lawyer fee.

However, if the demand of the situation necessitates the hiring of a law professional then there is no other way out. Although in this situation also, small firms look for that kind of a lawyer who fits in their budget and is suitable for their legal cause as well. On the other hand, medium-sized have a better budget bracket than small firms. Nonetheless cost is still a concern for them. Therefore, they weigh in the pros and cons before seeking professional legal help or before selecting any particular Employment Solicitor or a credible Law Firm.

On the contrary, large organizations or well-established companies that have a widespread business keep a separate budget for their legal requirements. They want nothing but the best legal representation as well as a consistent legal guidance to avoid any turbulent business situation. Therefore, they assess the credibility, popularity, legal talent, and client ratings of the Labour and Employment Lawyers in Dubaibefore considering them for permanent hiring. A panel of experienced Law professionals is not only essential but also beneficial for the business needs and goals of such organizations.

Therefore, they need the most experienced, talented, and well established lawyers to work for them and with them. Competence is an important aspect while making any lawyer a part of their organizational setup. Moreover, it is important for the lawyer in question to understand the nature of the business as well as the operational aspects regarding the organization they are expected to give legal support to. Such an informed, and aware lawyer is like an asset to the firm and its future.

Fee Plans used by Law Firms

It is totally up to Advocates and Legal Consultants. Advocates and Legal Consultants, means the UAE National Lawyers. The Legal Consultant means the legal consultants who are not from UAE but they are having the legal license to practice the Law. The Law Firms, or the lawyers do charge the fee in different formats. It can be all upfront or it can be in different, installments. It can be a contingency or some percentage can also be set. Previously there was a dispute in DIWAN related to percentage where, lawyers were stopped to use percentage. They were asked to mention one fee plan instead. This is something which is not possible at all. The reason is the Client and his choice. A Client is more willing to work on percentage basis then a fix fee. Now as per the last decision by DIWAN in Dubai, the percentage fee can be taken like before, but it should not be less than 5% or more than 25%.

Note: Rules are subject to change. Therefore, before making your mind, getting an idea or taking the decision, we suggest to book a legal appointment with relevant and competent attorney/legal consultant. Law Firms like Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants, are one of those Law Firms in UAE, can be trusted for any legal matter or court case.  

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