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Moving to Australia for work? Do not miss out on these things

So, you’re moving to Australia for work. Well, the jittery nerves are quite normal. But, to help you in this gruesome process, this think-piece will act on the final checklist.

1. Get a proper visa

If you are moving to Australia for work, make sure you have a proper work visa. Or else it may invite uninvited troubles when you land or even while boarding the flight. You can check the details related to your visa from the Australian Government website.

2. Pack proper clothes

If you think the weather in Australia is the same all around the year, you have no idea how wrong you are. The weather in southern Australia is opposite to the weather in Northern Australia. For example, when there’s summer in the south, the North is wet.

Brisbane has a tropical climate, wherein Sydney is famous for its humid subtropical weather. So, before you start packing, check the overall weather of that city and pack clothes accordingly.

3. Check their tax system and get TFN upon landing

Moving to a new country is exciting, but checking the tax details in advance is important so that you won’t land yourself in jail in a foreign country. You can Google it to find out more details on this topic.

After arriving in Australia, get a Tax Filing Number or TFN. You have to submit this number to your employer. Otherwise, they are bound to charge a 45% tax on your wages.

Also, you must start a superannuation pension fund even if you are not planning to retire in Australia. In case you are 18+ and earn $450+ per month, your company will pay 9.5% of your earnings on your behalf.

4. Plan your stay

If your company is not providing accommodation, you must plan your stay early. While picking the place, make sure they are close to your office. If you have a friend or family member who lives in Australia, ask them for advice.

Remember, moving for work to a different country can be extremely lonely sometimes. So, you can also explore Sydney escort services and find yourself company on days when loneliness gets you.  

5. Use a reliable mobile network

The quality of broadband in Australia is not good. There are two reasons for this. One is that Australia doesn’t have any national broadband network because of its huge population.

The other one is due to low demand; the network companies don’t have a proper number of towers in the countryside. So, if you are moving to the countryside, check the reliability of the mobile network beforehand.

6. Take advantage of the good healthcare options

Healthcare is free in Australia. It’s known as medicare. But only permanent residents of Australia can avail this opportunity.

If you belong from the UK or New Zealand, you can access medicare facilities even with a work visa. 

7. Open an Australian bank account early on

Direct bank-to-bank transfer calls for extra charges, especially if you’re a foreign resident. So, you must check the fees before moving to Australia. Some services help you open a bank account in Australia before arrival.

8. Be aware of the smoking costs

If you are a chain smoker, you should be aware before moving to Australia. The Australian government doesn’t want its citizens to get addicted to smoking, so they charge $0.7 per cigarette. It is the highest tobacco duty in the world.

God cannot help you if you are going to reside in Melbourne or Sydney. These two cities are popular for expensive cigarettes. You must start quitting smoking already, or you will soon go bankrupt.

9. Bring a paper map, food, and water on every trip

Australia is a really big country. If you are planning to go on a road trip on weekends, keep a paper map, food, and water bottle handy.

Further, make sure you have extra fuel in your car, as you can go mile after mile without a single filling station.

10. Keep all the documents

Always keep real copies of important documents like passports, birth certificates, VISA, vaccination records, driving licenses, plane tickets, school and medical records, passport-size photos, tax papers, etc., near your eyesight.

Scan them on your phone and save them as docs. Then, make sure you can access them at any time.

Over to you…

Now that you know all the details, you will face fewer difficulties moving abroad. Other than all this, it’s always wise to seek an on-ground check from your Australian friend or a family member. 

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