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Preparing Your Commercial Building for Summer

While many people take some time during the summer to enjoy the outdoors and some sunshine, businesses continue operating as usual. The higher temperatures during the summer can make working in a commercial building or space such as a restaurant or warehouse very uncomfortable, so businesses should have measures to keep space indoors comfortable. The spring months are a great time to start thinking about whether your commercial building is prepared for summer.  Here are a few tips to help you when summer arrives.

Do a Complete HVAC System Inspection

These inspections are essential in areas with extreme weather changes where the HVAC is tasked with heating the commercial building during winter and cooling it during summer. 

Inspections just before the summer months, when the HVAC is under heavy usage, can ensure it is in the right working condition and will not fail when the load gets high. It is always best to contact a professional for HVAC inspections so they can do a thorough job. 

Remember, regular maintenance can help prolong the life of your HVAC system and save you from buying one prematurely, which is typically an expensive affair for most businesses.

Check Your Industrial and HVLS Fans

Spring is a great time to check all systems that move air inside a commercial space. These include directional, exhaust, mobile, supply, and HVLS (High Volume, Low Speed) fans. Now is always the best time to ensure all this equipment is working as expected and identify issues that may cause it to break down during the summer when its use will be much higher. 

The good news is that Industrial and HVLS fans sold by reputable companies like Chopair require little maintenance, although you should check them regularly. Look for a company that can perform on-site visits to ensure you get the right fan for your space and needs.

Complete a Roof Inspection

While many states enjoy warm and sunny summer months, some have summer storms that can be extremely violent. Strong winds, heavy rains, lightning, hail, and thunder accompany these summer storms. Due to their violent nature, these storms cause a lot of damage to buildings, injuries, and even fatalities.

If you live in an area that experiences these storms, getting a roof inspection before the summer months is critical. A roof inspector will tell you where there is any damage from the ice, rain, and snow of the winter and where there are issues you should be concerned about before the summer arrives.

Because they identify these issues early, they can complete any required repairs before the summer months arrive.

Check Your Insulation

By its very nature, insulation reduces energy transfer between different environments. In the winter, it helps keep commercial buildings and homes warm, and it keeps them cool in the summer. 

Proper insulation will save you a lot of money on cooling as it helps keep the heat out and ensures a cool environment indoors. 

Seal Your Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are an important part of keeping a consistent temperature inside a building regardless of the season. Any cracks or spaces that let air in and out make heating or cooling a building much harder and more energy intensive. 

In the summer, the hot air from outside will raise the temperature inside your commercial building, so you will have a harder time cooling it. Solve this problem by sealing all cracks and gaps.

Use More Efficient Lighting

Light bulbs and fixtures convert the energy they consume into light and heat. If they consume more power, that also means they produce more heat. To prevent this, consider using energy-efficient options like LED lights. These typically have the same light output as other fixtures and bulb options while using less energy and producing less heat. 

Do Some Grounds Maintenance

Remember that you do not only have to make the interior comfortable, but you also have to make the building approachable. The previous season likely left a lot of debris on your grounds. Contact a contractor to remove dead leaves, trash, broken branches, and all other items that hurt your building’s curb appeal.

When they are done, the exterior should be welcoming and inviting so you can attract more customers. An organized business environment like this can also have a noticeable positive impact on employee enthusiasm.

Ensuring your commercial building is comfortable for visitors and employees is important during summer. While doing so, remember to also work on the grounds to ensure the exterior is attractive and that the building is approachable.

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