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Reasons To Send Your Dog To Daycare When You’re Away

Whether you’re at work or out of town, it can be tough leaving your dog behind. But what are some good reasons to send your dog to daycare when you’re away?

Here are four:

  1. To keep your dog entertained. Daycares provide plenty of activities for dogs, including playing fetch, swimming, and rolling around in the sand.
  2. To keep your dog from getting bored. Left alone, most dogs will try to get up on furniture, chew on doorframes, or worse – start barking!
  3.  To reduce the risk of your dog getting into trouble. Leaving a dog unsupervised can lead to them being stolen or getting into fights with other animals or humans.
  4.  To avoid any potential health problems in case of an emergency. When you’re not home, someone else is responsible for providing food, water, and veterinary care if necessary. This means that there’s less chance of your dog developing a health problem while you’re away.

Some Reasons to Send Your Dog To doggy daycare When You’re Away

There are plenty of reasons to send your dog to daycare when you’re away. Here are five compelling reasons:

1. Distractions and exercise. Dogs need a lot of stimulation, both mentally and physically, when they’re left alone. A daycare can provide the necessary stimulation while you’re away.

2. Socialization. Dogs need to be around other dogs in order to Socialize them properly. A daycare can help with this task by providing multiple encounters with different animals daily.

3. Safety. Leaving your dog at home alone can be risky for their safety- no matter how much you love them! A daycare is staffed with professionals who will watch over your dog 24/7 and make sure he or she is safe and happy.

4. Training opportunities. Just like people, dogs need regular training opportunities in order to stay sharp and well-mannered- a daycare provides the perfect opportunity for this!

5. Separation anxiety relief. Leaving your dog home alone can cause significant levels of anxiety in some cases- a daycare can provide the necessary oasis of calm for your pup while you’re away!

What to Expect at Daycare

The benefits of sending your dog to daycare when you’re away are myriad. Not only will they have plenty of activities and fun to keep them entertained, but you can also rest assured that they’re in good hands. If you’re worried about how your dog will behave while you’re gone, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First and foremost, always make sure that the daycare is licensed and insured. This way, if something does happen – like your dog getting out or being injured – you’ll be covered.

Secondly, ask the daycare what their policy is on boarding dogs overnight. Some places allow dogs to stay for up to four nights while others limit it to two or three days. Make sure that your chosen care center has enough space for your pup so that they don’t have to share a room with another dog or sleep on the floor.

Finally, be sure to bring along some supplies for your pet such as a Kong toy, water bowl and treats. If you can’t get home in time for lunch or dinner, pack some food for them too so that they don’t go hungry while you’re away.

Tips for Preparing Your Dog for a Day Out

1. Before you leave, prepare your dog for the day by giving them a few treats and playing some fetch.

2. If possible, make arrangements to have someone come to take care of your dog while you’re away. This way, they will be less anxious and may even enjoy their time at daycare.

3. Be sure to provide plenty of toys and fresh water when you’re away so your dog doesn’t get bored or thirsty.

4. Avoid leaving your dog in a car or enclosed space for long periods of time – these environments can be very stressful for both humans and dogs

Making the Decision to Send Your Dog to Daycare

There are many reasons to send your dog to daycare when you’re away. Dogs need socialization and exercise, which can be provided in an environment with other dogs. Dogs that spend a lot of time alone may become destructive or anxious when left home alone, but will be much more behaved at daycare.

Daycare also provides a safe place for dogs to play without the risk of getting into trouble. Some breeds of dog are particularly prone to separation anxiety, so sending them to daycare can help reduce this problem.

The Benefits of Sending Your Dog to Daycare

There are many benefits to sending your dog to daycare when you’re away. Dogs need socialization, exercise, and stimulation, and boarding can provide all of that in a structured setting. Dog daycare can also teach your dog obedience skills, help build its confidence, and much more. 

Some dogs even develop better relationships with other dogs while attending daycare. Certain breeds may do well in kennels or cedar shacks while others will thrive in a daycare setting.

The key is to find a daycare that provides the appropriate environment for your dog. Some daycares offer playgroups for different age groups, while others have separate areas for large and small dogs. You’ll also want to make sure the daycare has plenty of toys and other activities for your dog to engage in, as well as a designated area for potty breaks.

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