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Should I Hire A Professional Full-Service Moving Company?

Understanding the full picture when it comes to moving locally or across the states is crucial and will save you a ton of money, minus the stress. This was the case of Daniel, who moved from southwest New Mexico to Hudson Valley. Happy about his new paycheck and ready to roll on a new lifestyle Daniel is overwheamled by the various options when it comes to picking a professional full-service moving company.

Daniel came over from Europe to the US and moving across states seems a bit diffrent from what he is used to. As a first time mover, Daniel coworkers advised him to get an estimate from a full-service moving company as it will cost him less by the end of the day. Here is why!

A Full Service Moving Company Will Take Care Of Everything

Daniel is a post graduate in Economics and he know very well his opportunity cost. The first thing he was tought in economics is that it will cost him less money if he hired somebody to do the things he is not really good at while he focuses on doing what he knows best.

This is why you won’t see Rihanna mowing her lawn – she will have somebody else do it for her. Surely Daniel knows that he is not as rich and famous as Rihanna but he considers hiring a full-service moving company to take care of all aspects of his move. 

When it comes to moving, there is one thing people do not get right. They mostly think about the transportation manner from point A to point B, but forget about the rest of the operations and bottlenecks they might face during the process. A full service moving company takes care of moving from start to finish.

Daniel knows that he could rent a Uhaul truck, load everything up and call it a day but in reality things seem to be a little bit more diffrent. Daniel is not a handyman but he rather uses  the power of logic to get things going. He was told that moving heavy items when moving long distance will cost him a lot, plus all the labour hours he would need to undo and redo everything when he goes to his new place. A full service moving company will take care of undoing furnitures and take care the most efficient way of loading their truck.

Benefits Of Hiring A Full-Service Moving Company Extended

Door To Door Delivery

Call as many of your local professional full-service moving company, get estimates, pick the best option and call it a day. This might be the more expensive option when it comes to moving but data shows this is the least stresful way of moving – especially with long distance move.

Insurance On Your Belongings

A professional full-service moving company will make you sing a legally binding agreement and take care of all damages that might incurred if something is broken. For super special belongings of high value you might get a verified appresial and be reimbursed fully if anything happens. Moving on your own will leave you liable for all damages incurred.

Packing Supplies

Everything has to be safely packed, taped and labeled inside boxes to make your unboxing easier to the new location. A professional full-service moving company will bring all the packing supplies needed to take care of the packing. You can also pick up the same supplies from Target, Walmart and other retail stores but after your move those supplies would either have to be trashed or given away to your mover. 

Packing, Loading and Driving To Your New Location

A professional full-service moving company will take care of packing your belongings. If you decide to take your furniture with you a professional full-service moving company will also take care of furniture disassembly to ensure efficient loading.

Loading of the Uhaul also has to be within the state regulations, no hanging items outside the trailer, heavy items have to be properly straped. Finally driving to your new location might sound like an adventure but it won’t be so easy after arriving on site and having to unpack everything.

Storage Solutions

A professional full-service moving company will also take care of  Daniels piano. He is undergoing a new project that will renovate his waiting room and he doesn’t want his classic 1887 piano to collect dust. His movers of choice have special storage solution and his piano will remain safe until the renovation is done.

Junk Items And Donation

A professional full-service moving company will also ensure all items Daniel doesn’t want anymore to go the right place. A lot of reusable items that were too heavy to bring over to his new home were donated by Daniel and his movers will take care these items to go the rightful organizations.

Throwing away items was also advised from his movers as it would lower his final estimate – it just wounldn’t be worth transporting these goods as they break even in cost. The movers will take care of junk items as well.


To wrap up, hiring a full service moving company will cost you more at the end of the day but this would be the most efficient way of moving across states. Daniel got a fair estimate by Your Home Town Mover as he was advised to get his things moved at low season, throw away all unnessecary items and getting his piano stored free of chage for the first month.

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