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The role of the Indian Government in promoting online education in India

The Education landscape has undergone significant changes in the last few years especially after the start of the covid-19 pandemic. The sudden start of the pandemic cost the government to take the necessary steps required to ensure the safety of every individual residing within the country. implementation of lockdown procedures helped contain the spread of the virus and made it possible to bring the damages down and contain it within the geographical boundaries of the country. However, it is important to note that while the government was taking all the necessary steps required and looking after the Welfare of the people, its implementation of lockdown was a huge challenge for the education sector as the future of the students was put in jeopardy. The closure of schools and colleges and even professional Educational Institutes, raised questions regarding how these students would be able to continue with their education and sit for all the relevant examinations that way to help that year. Even though most educational boards, namely the CBSE, CBSE, and even the state boards had postponed all examinations until further notice, this caused the students to feel anxious regarding whether they will be able to sit for these examinations and move forward in the future. It was at this junction when teachers and educators were struggling as to how  to manage the current syllabus and ensure that the students were adequately taught that the school boards along with the government decided to use the medium of online education to continue the study of the students. As soon as online education was given the green light, several private organizations started developing online educational applications through which students would be able to attend their classes. Several education apps were presented in front of the teachers and school organizations as most were and prepared having no idea regarding how to operate these technological tools. As a result, several schools partnered with private organizations and took help from these educational applications through which they were able to conduct classes and continue the teaching process Also Read About: Studen.

Challenges that presented itself

However, it is important to note that at this juncture several challenges Presented themselves in front of the students of the country. It is quite well known that the economic condition of the Indian subcontinent is different across several sectors. Despite online education being free and available to all, there remains a certain sector in society who do not have the adequate means to make use of this service. Hence, many students found themselves out of schools for lack of having technological equipment and also the internet to attend these online classes. Moreover, it was only the students of the ICSE and CBSE  boards who had the privilege of being able to attend school through online classes. The state boards did not have the necessary equipment or provisions to work towards ensuring That All students under its schools were able to attend classes using the online medium. It was in this context that the government came forward and decided to help the needy students so that their right to education was not taken away from them. The government partnered with private organizations to provide tablets and Smartphones to the students of state boards across the country along with internet connection. Many private organizations also came forward by providing Internet connection at subsidized prices for students so that they can avail the benefit of online education. Each Indian state joined in this revolution to work towards the betterment of the society and help the students towards a bright future. Besides the government, many Non governmental organizations also came forward and helped the students who needed technological devices and internet connection. It is because of these activities undertaken that the economic divide was able to be breached and students were provided with the opportunity of availing the benefit of online education. Through the use of online mediums they were provided with free knowledge and guidance from quality teachers across the country. The government also worked along with all educational boards to ensure that the students were also provided with other necessary amenities which were required for their studies.

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