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Top 3 tips for horse racing betting

One very interesting thing about horse racing is that it is reportedly a very popular sport to bet on, while it is not a very popular sport to watch, at least nowadays. In order to be more clear, the sport’s popularity when it comes to betting does not match the sport’s popularity when it comes to the viewership or fans. This might be due to the fact that sports betting in its generic form has been rooted to betting on horse races and so horse racing remains a top choice for punters, even if they are not strong fans or committed followers of the sport itself.

No matter what, one thing is clear: horse racing betting has been around since forever and it will continue to provoke interest to bettors across the world, whether bettors are in the US, in Europe or in Asia and the Middle East. Just consider that online horse racing betting Malaysia keeps growing and growing, no matter what one would think concerning the link between the sport and the country’s culture.

Now, if you want to master horse racing betting, then you need to follow the top three tips that we give you below. They will help you if you are a newbie, but they will also prove very valuable even if you are an experienced punter with little knowledge, however, over horse racing betting.

Tip #1 Never bet all your money on favorites

Favorites in horse racing have a relatively low win rate compared to other sports. In fact records have illustrated that the favorites get to win in nearly 30% of the races, which is less than one in every three races. So, backing the favorite is not always a lucrative bet.

It is crucial that you do your research and develop your predictions irrespective of the odds given by sportsbooks. Of course you should take into consideration which is the favorite, but just remember that there is a 70% chance the favorite won’t win the race.

Tip #2 Don’t just limit your choices to race winners

There are so many different things to bet on horse races that it is very short-sighted to limit your betting choices on who will be the winner of a given race. You can be on multiple horses in one race or even on one horse in multiple races. There are so many possible combinations that it is a pity to lose your chances to win big and leverage high payouts. Exacta bets, trifecta bets, superfecta bets as well as quinella bets – and many more – are all out there waiting for punters to explore them.

Tip #3 Examine the surface of the race

One thing that punters should take into account is the surface of the race, because it is a critical factor that influences how the race is going to go. There are three different surface types – turf, dirt and synthetic– and what is interesting is that horses get to develop skills and abilities which are usually suitable for one of these types and not for all three types. So, looking into the surface of the race can tell you a lot about the chances that horses have in winning.

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