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What are the main reasons why IPL has soared in popularity?

The board of control for cricket in India, or BCCI, conducts the IPL every year. With its modest beginnings in the year 2008, it has gone on to emerge as one of the most popular sports leagues all over the world. One can easily watch IPL news live score. This shows plenty of people are glued to their screens to catch a glimpse of what is happening. In short, it is a franchise-based league that features teams from some of the main cities in India. The recent addition of a couple of teams has provided a new dimension to the league.

It happens to be a domestic tournament where both Indian and foreign players participate. The only difference is that an Indian team now wins the cup and no longer a foreign team can lift the cup. It happens to be among the top five leagues in the world, and a testimony to the same is the increase in the amount of audience with every passing year. One thing is for sure: with each passing year, the brand value of the league has reported a major increase. Their contribution to the Indian economy at the same time is immense.

But since the start of the league in 2008, it has not been a smooth ride. From time to time, there have been controversies, but the league has stood its ground and come back in a new form. It is a classical combo of Bollywood and cricket, and since it takes place during the summer vacation, there is a lot of interest in the progress of the league. This is also the time when the new financial year begins. It happens to be the right time for the advertisers, and what better option than the IPL to obtain more views for their products?

One has to be fair in evaluating whether IPL is pathbreaking when it comes to reducing the bridge between customers and brands. It is fair to say that this has gone on to become the go-to league when it comes to launching your new product or service. From the companies, the IPL has drawn maximum attention as it provides them with a short-term approach to maximise profits for their league. The possibility that a brand provides via IPL is nothing short of magnificent.

Vivo is an example of this popularity. Till a few years ago, no one knew about the Chinese company, but now they are a household name, and a lot of credit is due to the IPL for this. Let us figure out the reasons why IPL is popular among the masses.

A lot of money is involved, and the stakes are high.

A lot of people are involved in the IPL during the first 50 to 60 days of the league. This is a lot more when you compare it to the other events in the business. Since it is hosted in India, a lot of money is involved to broadcast it live in India. A lot of value is incorporated, like a money-making machine. When you compare it to the other leagues, the IPL has more money, viewership, and players.

There are no strings attached for the players or the viewers.

To follow the IPL, there is no need to stick to a particular team. If you are in love with multiple players, you can do that. So, there is no sting attached when it comes to the choice of a particular team or a player when it comes to the IPL.

The best of the young and old talents come together.

One of the main reasons why IPL has soared in popularity is that you get to see the best of young and seasoned talent together. The younger players can learn so much from the veterans in this game. Even when you witness the U-19 players, you will see for yourself how hard they are trying to make a name for themselves in the world of cricket. Once they go on to perform on this platform, they are likely to receive a national call-up from their respective teams. A name that emerges is Jasprit Bumrah, who, with his exploits in the Mumbai Indian team, went on to play for the national team.

A showcase of games

IPL is all about the culmination of cricket and Bollywood. Some of the owners of the team are renowned Bollywood personalities, which has led to an increase in popularity at a major level. For this reason, the TV broadcasters are willing to go the extra mile to obtain the telecast rights when it comes to this league. There is fame associated with this league, which is expected to keep the potential interest of the people involved in it intact.

You can compare it to watching a movie.

A Twenty game is like watching a movie, and you hardly need to churn in 4 hours at the max to watch a game. This is in sharp contrast to a one-day or a test match, where you need to wait for a long time for noteworthy results to emerge. What it means is that you can be entertained for 3 hours after a hectic day’s work. People do compare it to watching a movie at the weekend.

Strategic time-out

Interruptions are the last thing when it comes to a T-20 game, but a strategic time-out in the IPL adds a new dimension to the game of cricket. It allows you to retain your breath during a game of cricket. 2.30 minutes are provided so you have an opportunity to go to the washroom, have a cup of tea, and not miss out on the action at the same time. These are the things that you may require when you are indulging in a nail-biting finish that helps you relax and enjoy the game. No wonders the number of people watching IPL has reported an increase with every passing day.

These are some of the worthy benefits when you watch IPL.

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