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What Sports To Bet On With Crypto?


Selling Bitcoin with sportsbooks such as N1Bet Sports is very common but not all of them are aware that they can implement cryptocurrency in their betting games. There’s no reason why it should be limited to selling alone. Cryptocurrency opens a lot of new opportunities, especially when it comes to making wagers on sports where fiat currency is not an option or even an inconvenience.

Reasons To Use Cryptocurrency For Betting

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider sports betting with cryptocurrency, here are the main ones:

1) Sports that are not available for betting with fiat currency can be bet on with cryptocurrency.

2) Fewer fees, more profit.

3) More transaction options – including mobile payments

4) More payment methods – you can use almost any cryptocurrency wallet to make your bets.

5) Crypto is always there; no need to withdraw it anywhere if you prefer having it on your balance for faster deposits/withdrawals.

6) No limits, no minimum or maximum limits on bets. You can bet as much or as little as you like.

7) It’s secure (not hackable, can’t confiscate it by the government), anonymous (sportsbooks don’t need to know who you are).

8) It’s easy to make deposits and withdrawals with cryptocurrency

9) There are some crypto-exclusive bonuses available, including risk-free bets

10) You can place bets on your phone quickly, no need for messing around with the website on a tiny screen.

11) Crypto sportsbooks offer better odds than fiat ones – that includes pre-game and in-play odds.

12) Your bets are not taxed by sportsbooks, you don’t have to pay taxes on your wins.

Most markets are restricted to fiat currency, mostly because they have no need for an alternative. Cryptocurrency changes that since it is a universal currency accepted everywhere, which means that it can be used in any market without a currency barrier.

The markets that aren’t offering crypto wagers have a lot to lose out on. Cryptocurrency is a huge industry and it keeps growing, so it makes sense for them to adopt this trend as soon as possible for the sake of competition.

Top 10 Sports To Bet On With Cryptocurrency

Now that you know the major benefits of sports betting with cryptocurrency, let’s head over to what games can be wagered upon and which are the best ones right now. 

1)  Basketball

Basketball is a global sport and it’s also quite popular in Europe. That means there are plenty of chances to make wagers on this game with cryptocurrency, simply because people want to bet on it. The top five leagues that we recommend you check out for the highest odds and best betting options include NBA (USA), Spanish ACB League, Turkish Airlines EuroLeague, Greek Basket League, and Adriatic League. There are also a lot of American competitions that you can wager on with cryptocurrency – including NBA’s G-League, WNBA, and Women’s National Basketball Association.

2) Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is the second most popular sport in Europe after football (soccer), which means that cryptocurrency is a perfect fit for this game. You can bet on any major league in Europe or North America, determined by the country where you reside.

  • Liga Hockey League (Austria)
  • Kontinental Hockey League (Russia)
  • Swiss National League A (Switzerland)
  • National Hockey League (Canada)
  • American Hockey League (USA)

3) Baseball

Baseball is another sport that has a lot of wagering action in Europe, despite many leagues still refusing to offer crypto betting options. The major league with the highest liquidity and best odds is MLB (USA), while there are also other competitions to check out like Japan Central League, Japan Pacific League, KBO League (South Korea), CPBL (Taiwan), and Liga Mexicana del PacĂ­fico.

4) Football/Soccer

Choosing the best league to bet with cryptocurrency on football is difficult because there are quite a few of them that you can’t find on regular sportsbooks. There’s UEFA Champions League, the best European competition with games happening all year round. There’s also UEFA Europa League, FIFA Club World Cup, and Copa Libertadores that you can place wagers on.

On top of that, there are competitions that aren’t major but they still attract many wagers from Europe and Latin America – Barclays Premier League (UK), League Championship Series (USA), Liga MX, Primeira Liga (Portugal), Toulon Tournament.

5) Tennis

Tennis is very popular in Europe, which means that it’s an awesome market to bet on with cryptocurrency. The most liquid tennis competition for betting with crypto is Grand Slam tournaments – Australian Open, US Open, French Open, and Wimbledon. There are also other tennis tournaments to check out like Masters 1000 (Indian Wells, Miami, Monte Carlo, Madrid) and some minor ones like Punta Del Este, Chengdu Challenger.

6) Boxing

Boxing is a major sport in the USA and it has quite a few wagering options to offer, especially in the heavyweight category. The top three boxing leagues to bet on include WBC (USA), IBO (South Africa/Australia), and WBO (Poland). There are also competitions like World Boxing Super Series that you can place wagers on with cryptocurrency because it’s big enough.

7) Formula One

There are very few sports that have races happening all year round, which makes cryptocurrency perfect for wagering on Formula One. Like tennis, the best competitions to bet on are Grand Prix events – Australian Grand Prix, Bahrain Grand Prix, Spanish Grand Prix.

8) Volleyball

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports worldwide and it’s gaining more and more traction in Europe, which makes it a good candidate for cryptocurrency wagering. The best leagues to bet on include the Champions League (Europe) and Asian Club Championship (Asia).

9) Rugby Union

Rugby is very popular in the UK and Australia, which means that you can place bets with crypto on both domestic and international games. The most popular competitions include the Six Nations Championship (Europe), Rugby Championship (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa), Super Rugby League, from Australia and New Zealand only.

10) Handball

Handball is also gaining some popularity in Europe and you can place wagers on this sport with cryptocurrency. The best leagues to bet on are the Turkish league, EHF Champions League, Bundesliga (Germany), Liga Asobal (Spain).


As you can see there are plenty of sports to bet on with cryptocurrency, which is great news for bettors. Many of these leagues are not well known by people betting with fiat currencies, but that’s because they’re hidden in Asian bookmakers.

There are other reasons why you might want to consider wagering with crypto, like the live betting feature that allows punters to place bets while a match is being played.

It’s worth mentioning that cryptocurrencies have quite a few advantages over traditional methods of payment, which makes them perfect for wagering. The main benefit of using crypto for online gambling is anonymity and security. Another advantage is the low transaction fees involved in placing wagers with crypto.

Some questions that might be popping into your head include: Where can I bet with cryptocurrency? Can you make a profit betting with them? Which sports should I look at and how do I identify the best opportunities in different leagues and competitions?

We hope we answered these questions for you.

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