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What to know about the most trendy hairstyle?

Many of the brand’s fibers are heat-resistant and flame-retardant. The fibers can be styled with curling and hot irons thanks to their resistance to heat. Fibers made of modacrylic do not burn. The fiber will self-extinguish when exposed to high-temperature fires and then be removed.

The hair’s hot water set technology is also another fantastic feature. This makes it simple to style hairstyles and secure braids and crochets at their ends.

They also have good elastic recovery and excellent dimensional stability. This enables the hair to maintain its smooth, lifelike appearance while holding its shape for extended periods.

How long can this hairstyle be left in?

Your haircare regimen and haircut will determine how long you maintain it. More hair is needed for some styles than others. Synthetic hair should not be left in for an extended period. Hair care is a component of having a loc hairstyle. Daily upkeep of dreadlocks is customary. Kanekalon hair is one example of a style with more synthetic hairs, requires a little more hair maintenance, and can last just as long as other styles.

The market is flooded with beauty products for every type of hairdo. To keep those braids’ hair periodically taut, you’ll need to take good care of your hair. Additionally, you will discover that too much hair maintenance is not healthy.

What are the features of this hairstyle?

  • Lightweight, delicate, and kind on skin and fingertips

When braiding, Kanekalon® is a delicate, lightweight material that is kind to the tips of the fingers and the skin. Its natural look that resembles real hair is one of its other characteristics. Its tangle-free qualities and ability to create distinctive braided styles enable the quick and easy creation of lovely hairstyles.

  • Enjoy the Hot Water Set’s range of hairstyles

The “Hot Water Set” technique included in Kanekalon┬« enables hot water to set curls and seal tips to stop them from leasing while preserving its suppleness.

With our wide selection of colors, textures, etc., it is simple to create a variety of fashionable hairstyles to improve one’s beauty.

  • Self-extinguishing or flame-retardant to ensure safety

Being flame-retardant, Kanekalon® will put itself out once it is removed from a fire source. Additionally, it is not prone to melting or spilling.

  • Shampooing does not affect flame resistance

A phenomenon where the resin can melt and drop into a liquid form if some synthetic fibers that aren’t flame-retardant catch fire. High-temperature melted substances can burn the skin if they come in contact with it, making them extremely dangerous.

Kanekalon fibers are frequently used in several styles. With box braids and other crochet braiding hairstyles, This hair looks fantastic. Because of the composition of synthetic fibers, the smoothness produces an ultra braid. This kind of hair is straightforward to maintain and keeps locs looking beautiful for longer. Human hair, natural hair, and synthetic hair blends can all be used to create faux locs. Ensure that you include faux locs on your wish lists!


Kanekalon and other synthetic fibers have long been favored in faux locs. These materials are excellent substitutes for human hair.

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