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Aircall gets $120 Million Funding, Crosses a $1 Billion Valuation

Aircall was launched in 2014 and the French company offers a cloud-based phone mechanism along with software for call centers that can neatly integrate with helpdesk and CRM tools like Hubspot and Salesforce. Aircall has recently raised $120 million as part of its Series D funding round and the main investor was Goldman Sachs Asset Management. The company will be using the funds to scale up its leadership in the cloud communications segment. The company has raised $226 million cumulatively in funding till date.

The company valuation has now surpassed $1 billion ever since this funding round as per goldman tsebloomberg. It was also joined by several existing investors at Aircall including names like eFounders, DTCP, NextWorld Capital, Adams Street Partners, Draper Espirit, Swisscom Ventures, and Gaia Capital Partners. Aircall was founded with a firm belief in the philosophy that time and costs were intensive for conventional business phone frameworks which also came with management issues. Businesses required an easier option for integration with other vital applications while backing communication requirements of more flexible and geographically spread out workforces.

With remote workforces spurring faster digital transformations for almost all companies and expectations of more personalized customer service, Aircall is enabling customers to meet these goals through the integration of its cloud-backed services into business applications like Intercom, Slack, Salesforce, and Hubspot. This helps businesses ensure higher efficiency in team operations through superior data, more accurate data valuation reports, visibility and insights into team performance and customer requirements alike. At the same time, these solutions enable companies to streamline their workflows as well. Aircall’s solution eventually enables personalized customer experiences at various levels.

Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, Christian Resch, stated that the last year has spurred the growth of the SaaS communications cloud-based solution at the company and users are now seeking it to offer easier experiences that can be readily integrated into workflows. This will help in optimizing and maximizing every interaction with customers according to him. He talked of how it was exciting to collaborate with Aircall in a bid to scale up global growth and expansion alike.

Executive Director at Goldman Sachs, Kirk Lepke, stated that the journey of the company has been positive over a long time and added that the investor is pleased to partner with the Aircall team in the Series D round. He also stated that the company is already witnessing sizable traction in a massive segment and a differentiated strategy for its products which will help it maintain sustainable growth volumes in future years. Aircall has already witnessed 65% year-on-year growth in its customer base, serving 8,500+ clients globally at the moment. 1/3rd of its revenues come from the USA while it has offices in Paris, New York, Madrid, and Sydney. It has more than 450 employees and is planning to hire 260 more employees by the year-end. It will also be beefing up its technologies with AI-backed features, extra productivity features for BPO operations and a lot more, including speech and transcription analytics.

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