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Ayahuasca and Addictions: Different Ways this Plant Medicine Can Help You Break Destructive Patterns

It’s without a doubt that addiction is complex and challenging, with an impact on all aspects of your life. For instance, it can cause chronic health problems like liver cirrhosis from alcohol or lung cancer from tobacco. Mental health issues such as bipolar, psychosis, and anxiety are also common due to substance abuse. Unfortunately, relationship and financial problems aren’t always far behind once you find yourself here. And with the stigma and cravings that come with quitting, an ayahuasca retreat can help once you start quitting. This plant medicine therapy helps in the following ways:

Promoting self-awareness

This therapy can help you to break destructive patterns by promoting self-awareness. When done in a reputable ayahuasca retreat center, it will provide you with a transformative experience that will help you think clearly and change your behavior. Suppose you are doing it to break an addiction; a trained shaman will guide you to focus on the issues that drive you to substance abuse, such as unresolved conflicts and past traumas so that you can heal. Although sometimes unbearable, you will gain a new perspective after the ceremony.

Facilitating connection with a higher power

Destructive patterns like substance abuse are highly associated with a lack of connection with a higher course. This lack of connection bears emptiness, low self-worth, isolation, and inability to cope with life challenges. The ayahuasca retreat will help you break this pattern by heightening your spirituality, also known as the spiritual realm. It will also enhance empathy and help you release the negative emotions you have built up over the years.

Stimulating neurotransmitters

Scientifically, the ayahuasca plant contains hallucinogenic compounds that stimulate neurotransmitters such as Serotonin. This neurotransmitter regulates sleep, mood, and appetite. Its deficiency leads to anxiety and depression, which can push you to substance abuse. So, taking the hallucinogenic brew will increase serotonin production, making it sufficient for you. Furthermore, this plant medicine can affect neuroplasticity, which refers to your brain’s ability to adapt to new changes, helping you cope with life after quitting your dependency habit.

Promoting long-term healing

Ayahuasca therapy will also help you by promoting long-term healing since it deals with the root cause. It does this by taking you through a harrowing yet helpful experience that will give you intense emotions and a clear vision that leads to a deeper understanding of your world. Better yet, this therapy doesn’t stop once the “journey” ends, since there are follow-up sessions that ensure you have a long-term solution to your addiction. Some centers also have a supportive community that will help you avoid relapse. The experienced shaman can also offer a personalized guide to help you overcome destructive behavior.

Addiction and substance abuse can have a lifelong impact, hence the need for measures to overcome them. Unfortunately, synthetic medication to treat addiction comes with risks, such as side effects ranging from headaches to vomiting. In addition, you are likely to overdose or develop another dependency. That’s why the unique therapy you get from a reputable ayahuasca retreat center is arguably the best. It will help you in the ways you have read here, risk-free.

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