Sunday, February 5, 2023
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Gummies vs. Vapes: Which Is The Best HHC Intake For You? 

As the cannabis space race heats up, more options besides CBD and delta-9 THC are now produced. HHC is one of the reviving cannabinoids to hit the market—making it the buzziest.  Even though HHC has a similar effect to THC,...

How Does CBG Make You Feel?

Among the cannabis plant's cannabinoids is CBG, also called Cannabigerol. There hasn't been much research on it so far. However, we know enough about CBG to tell that it is the parent molecule for most cannabinoids. This is because...

Can You Microdose On THC Oil?

THC oil is a potent extract of the cannabis plant. Unlike marijuana, which contains both THC and CBD, THC oil contains only THC, the compound responsible for the plant's psychoactive effects. THC oil is typically sold in small bottles...

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