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Goldbelly Wins a $100M Bet for Cross-country Delivery

Like thousands of restaurants, Di Fara, one of New York’s Pizza joints, saw itself in the eyes of the storm during the global pandemic. The question was how to make money for survival when the customer could not leave even their house.

The only solution to this situation was contactless delivery of frozen pieces of the classic pies across the country. For this, the eateries shook hands with the 8 years old eCommerce platform, Goldbelly. The rational problem-solving move picked the company sales so much that Di Fara had to convert its second location into a food hall and essentially became the product line of Goldbelly.                  

While many restaurants had to lay off their employees, Di Fara could successfully avoid layoffs. Margaret Mieles, the daughter of Di Fara’s founder, credits Goldbelly for the fact that they were one of the few organizations in the food industry that could survive the pandemic. 

It is not just the iconic pizzerias that have relied on the company to survive lockdown. Around 850 restaurants sell food on Goldbelly’s platform. Out of this, 400 restaurants have joined after the pandemic hit. Because of recent success, Goldbelly has announced a raise of $100 million in new funding as per goldbelly us 100m seriesmerced yorktimes.

The foundation of Goldbelly was laid in San Francisco in the year 2013. It provides the boxes and cold packs for shipping orders to restaurants and helps them ship directly from their premises in return for a fee. Joe Ariel, Goldbelly’s co-founder and chief executive, said in an interview that they are the first platform for food eCommerce for restaurants and food-makers. In the beginning, they used to offer foods like deep-dish pizza from Lou Malnati’s in Chicago and Texas-style brisket from the Salt Lick in Austin. earn with zero percent risk

They aim to open up a 3,000-mile radius for restaurants. The current funding will help them capitalize on the surge in at-home dining during and post-pandemic. 

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