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Hairstyling Products for Men that are Worth Buying

Hairstyling for men is both an overwhelming and game-changing experience. Unlike the ease of hairstyling for women due to the availability of a plethora of products in the market, it can be a bit challenging and off-putting for men. Additionally, the length of the hair too plays a major role in brands developing hair products. The majority of women have longer hair as compared to men and hence, there are different hairstyling appliances such as straighteners, curlers, straightening brushes, stylers and more.

However, with the advancement in the fashion industry, hairstyling products for men too are seeing a wide change. You can find hairstyling products for men that cater to different requirements – from hair drying to trimming and more. Additionally, men starting to experiment more with their looks too contribute towards the increasing number of hair products for men. Here, we shall discuss a few such hairstyling products for men that can be used daily or occasionally:

Hair Dryers – The Perfect Appliance to Consider Investing In

A hairdryer for men makes for the ultimate hairstyling essential for men. Whatever may your hair length be, a hair dryer works best to dry hair as well as manage and style it the right way. The use of a hair dryer may differ, based on the length of the hair. However, it is highly recommended that you all use a hair serum or any heat protectant spray before styling your hair with a hair dryer. 

  • If you have long hair, use a paddle hair brush or round hair brush to gently style your hair as your move the hair dryer to the required directions. 
  • If you have medium hair, comb your hair first and then use your fingertips to dry and style your hair with ease. 

Try the Vega U-Style 1600 Hair Dryer that features quick hair drying and 2-speed settings for your convenience. Its automatic overheat cut-out ensures safety and its foldable handle offers ease to use on the go.

Hair Combs and Brushes – Your Daily Friend for Daily Personal Care

No hairstyling for men is complete without the use of a hair brush or a hair comb. They make for the ideal hairstyling tool to start and finish any hairstyle. With the plethora of hair combs and brushes available today, it is easy to pick one and add it to your dresser. However, not many may know that hair combs and hair brushes should be picked only after good research and of good quality only. You must check for:

  • A hair comb made from cellulose acetate such as Vega Graduated Dressing Comb does not create static in the hair.
  • Features smooth rounded teeth that stay smooth on the scalp and glide easily, reducing hair fall.

Hair Clipper – Your Partner for Grooming in Perfection

Hair clippers definitely ease the need to hit the salon every month for those with good hair growth. With a hair clipper, you can easily groom your hair in minutes, removing excess and unwanted hair. The presence of different blades allows you, whatever may the hair length be, to groom effortlessly in the comfort of your home. There are a few dos and don’ts to using hair clippers though:

  • Ensure that you are thoroughly versed with the use of the different blade guards.
  • Dry your hair with a towel after wash if you have short hair and if you have long hair, ensure you dry your hair properly with a hair dryer or naturally.
  • Always start with the longest blade guard, based on your hair length, to trim your hair followed by the smaller blade guards.

Hair Straightening Brush – Your Occasional Partner in Style

A hair straightening brush can be used to style the hair of men. It is the easiest way to set your hair using heat that comes with a brush. Use VEGA X-Glam Straightening Brush to glide from the top of your hair to the ends gradually to get the straight look your desire. The best way to use a hair straightening brush men is by keeping the hair completely dry and not damp. This ensures safety from damaging the hair quality. However, it is highly recommended that you apply a little hair serum before using the hair straightening brush. Additionally, to create a shiny look or for a longer stay, you can apply a hair cream using your fingertips after using the hair appliance. And always wash your hair with a shampoo before using any hair appliance. This helps to comb the hair easily and get the desired without creating bends or waves.


Hair styling products for men are essential to meet daily hair grooming needs. It is not feasible to head to a salon every time you require dressing your hair or even grooming it. It can get expensive and takes a lot of time at times. Hence, having these essential hairstyling products can work wonders and they are very terribly difficult to use too if you read the manuals carefully.

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