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How to create a youtube channel step by step 

Youtube is the largest social media platform and has grown significantly. Creators from other platforms such as Instagram join Youtube to gain more fandom and popularity. Well, there is no doubt about how popular a YouTuber makes a creator and if you are someone who is looking to do the same you are at the right place. Businesses, investors, actors, singers, and dancers all join YouTube and post their strategies for such successful creators that they are. And if you are looking for something similar, we will help you with it. If you want to be a social media star here is a guide for you to make a Youtube channel for yourself. We will discuss in detail how you can create one easily and use it to gain fandom.

Step 1:- Sign in or sign up for your Google account

You are new to this. There is nothing to worry about. Creating a google account means simply opening a Gmail account. With the help of this account, you can access other Google services as well which will help you with your YouTube journey. For this, simply go on the Gmail app and look for the option “create an account”. After that create an ID for yourself like (abcd.com) and a password which is personal for you. It would take a few moments to set it up. When it’s done, it’s done! You have a new google account. 

Step 2: Sign In using your Google account on the Youtube app.

Open the YouTube website or app on your PC or smartphone. Use the Google ID that you generate or that you want to link to your YouTube account to log in. Once finished, give your channel a suitable name (you can choose any name), but keep in mind that once verified, you cannot change it.

Click Basic Info in the top menu to get started. Your channel’s name, description, and URL can now be updated. Using the URL to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is a terrific idea.

Step 3:- Upload your profile photo

The next step is to add a profile photo. It doesn’t necessarily be you on the profile. It can be anything say your brand logo or if you own a dance academy you’re that logo or picture. Remember that to not leave the profile picture blank. A blank profile photo suggests that you are just a user and you are not interested in subscribers. Upload a clear image in a designated format like PNG or JPG.

Step 4:- Upload your first video 

Once you are done with this you can upload your very first video. Video creation is very simple. Everyone nowadays is quite aware of the handling of cameras. It’s just that find your niche. The niche because of which you created this youtube channel. Just stick to it. Uploading a video is very simple. Just save your video in an easily accessible place like a Desktop or documents. After this, go to the channel and click on the Create button which is on the corner of the screen. Once done, a screen will pop up. Upload the file as it says. To find the video clip you just saved to your computer, click Select Files. The upload to YouTube will then start immediately.

The uploading process is quite easy. Make sure the internet connection is strong. Once it is submitted, you will learn. This procedure could take a short while. You’ve just posted your FIRST YouTube video, so here we go. 

Step 5: Optimise your video

Use hashtags and SEO-friendly keywords to optimise your video. Use appropriate names and keywords before uploading to increase audience reach. Making ensuring that your films are properly categorised is essential if you want them to appear when someone types a relevant keyword into YouTube’s extensive search engine.


As you can see creating a youtube channel is really very simple. But what’s tough is getting subscribers and increasing trafficking on your channel. The easiest way is to buy subscribers though. There are sites to buy YouTube subscribers from. This is only recommended if you are ready to spend a little amount of your budget.

But building a real fanbase is really important. So interest in the audience as much as you can. Treat them like your friends. Ask them to share like subscribe comment to your channel. Sharing among your family members and friends is recommended in the beginning. Ask them to share your channel with whosoever possible. This will help with the reach of your channel.

I hope you got all the steps required to create a youtube channel. Stay tuned for more articles like this!! 

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