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How Will You Benefit from Investing in Gold Bullion?

Investing in a diversified portfolio is the best way to reduce risk for many investors, and with an impending recession on the horizon, it’s wise to act now instead of getting surprised with the changes later on. Gold should be seriously considered as one of your top diversifiers since it safeguards your assets against market volatility that may arise from these uncertain times.

The precious metals’ value has remained for many centuries, and today, they are still used by many industries like tech. However, there are a lot of options like gold bullion, SDIRA, and mining stocks available so which one is right for you? 

Why Choose Precious Metals?

Nowadays, in early 2023, the spot price is at $1938 and this forecast means that investors are getting worried. During the pandemic it rose to $1833 from $1670 per ounce and it has remained around the $1700 to $1800 mark since 2020. 

In the past, currencies were pegged at a specific amount of bullion, and their value is indicated on the notes that are used to trade food and other commodities. Britain was the first to stop using the gold standard system in 1933 and in 1971, US was next to do so and you can read more about the gold standard when you click here.

Today, the precious metals are now popular because of its many investment opportunities. Demand for jewelry has increased as so many people in India, and China has become consumers, resulting in a higher price. About 40% of the world’s demand comes from physical bars and coins, which are considered investments and the others are all used by a lot of industries to improve technology, space explorations, etc.

Will this Work for You?

The answer will depend on your investment goals and current portfolio. People thinking about retiring and investing long-term should consider gold as a hedge against economic catastrophes. Investing just 10% to 15% of your portfolio in precious metals is highly recommended, so you don’t miss out on the dividends and interest earned by stocks and mutual funds.

Consider the bars as insurance for inflation since when the prices of the goods begin to rise, this will also trigger the gold’s value to go up. Many have seen this happen during the pandemic and in a recession where the precious metal reached its highest peak in 2021 after topping the $2420 per ounce price in 1980.

Not all investors will want to get bullion since they shy away from assets that don’t generate active income. There are storage, shipping, and management fees to consider, especially when you open a precious metals IRA. The metals that are stored in a bank vault or depository will not have any cash flow, and you’ll only realize the returns when you sell the coins and bars. 

Gold is a good asset to have when a country becomes embroiled in geopolitical instability and conflict. Others who have lost faith in their fiat money and their governments are now choosing to leave their homelands using gold to get through the borders. While this is not happening in many countries, many people worldwide still recognize that gold is valuable and can rely on it in times of trouble.

Investors consider gold to be highly-liquid since they can sell it for cash when needed and this is a practice that so many of them still do. In 2020, almost 88% of the precious metals changed hands and this is the amount daily. It’s expected that the industry will go upward especially with the demand and trends in China, Turkey, and India. There’s a report by the World Council that shows the trend of gold from every quarter of 2021 and this shows increased mine production as the lockdowns decrease. Recycling activities were also increased at 8%.

Mutual Funds and Precious Metals ETFs

The ETFs and mutual funds related to precious metals are accounts that have been funded to purchase bars and coins for an investor. Individuals can buy or sell mutual funds that represent gold just like they would do with paper assets. This way, unlike bullion, they don’t have to pay for shipping, insurance, and storage. With these alternatives, the costs are lower as well.

Creating an IRA

Bullion, a pure form of precious metal, can be deposited into a self-directed individual retirement account. This is possible by opening SDIRA with a reputable custodian in the industry. Know more about these options when you visit the site and see their products and services. These sites offer in-depth analysis of the IRA companies and whether they are legitimate or not. 

Organizations like the IRS has purity and fineness requirements that you must adhere to, and the custodians can guide you. Palladium and platinum should have a purity of 99.95%, gold should be 99.5% and silver should have at least 99.9% purity. Certifications matter where they should be accredited by COMEX, ISO 9000 and the national mint.

Small bullion should be 50-ounce platinum, 1000-ounce silver, 100-ounce gold. It’s required that they should remain free from damage and be uncirculated. American Eagle Bullion, Credit Suisse, Canadian Maple Leaf, and British Britannia are some of the accepted products but you need to consult with a custodian first. The palladium accepted are Canadian Maple Leaf but unacceptable ones might include Swiss Francs.


Futures and options contract work when investors are able to determine whether a precious metals’ price will stay the same or fall. For example, there’s about 200 ounces of gold and the option cost is $10. This will equal to 200x$12 = $2400 which is the total amount paid for the option.

Savvy investors are heavily invested in options that help buyers leverage. However, this requires them to purchase the overall value of the bullion to claim ownership of the bars and coins. These markets are very risky, and the prices are volatile. This makes it challenging for many beginners to get started in future options.

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