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Is Hiring Timeshare Compliance BBB Worth it? Read to Know! 

Is Timeshare Compliance the best option for getting out of your timeshare? The answer is Yes. Timeshare Compliance is the best timeshare cancellation company in California. It provides its services all over the USA. The unique way of working makes them different from other timeshare cancellation companies.  

Timeshare Compliance provides clients with the best services and satisfies their timeshare cancellations. It also ranked number one on BBB (Better Business Bureau).  

Is Timeshare Compliance trustworthy? 

Timeshare Compliance is a trustworthy and highly reputed timeshare cancellation company. You can also check the online reviews that perfectly define their reliability. They are rated A+ at BBB, 4.5 stars at Trustpilot and 4.4 stars at Google. They are experienced and work with the attorney, which is a positive sign.  

Pros and Cons of Timeshare Compliance based on BBB 

Based on online reviews of Timeshare Compliance, it is considered a highly reputed exit company. Timeshare Compliance BBB (Better Business Bureau) has some pros and cons. 


Escrow Payment  

Most timeshare cancellation companies do not like the idea of escrow payment and sometimes hide it from their clients. But Timeshare Compliance provides the escrow payment option to its clients for the case proceeding. They make their financial options according to the client’s budget. You can assume an escrow payment is life insurance for your timeshare cancellation. 

Provide Attorney Service 

Timeshare Compliance provides attorney services to its customers. They have highly experienced, knowledgeable and reputed attorneys to deal with timeshare exit cases. They have a team of client specialists and case analysts who work with wholeheartedness. Their attorneys review the case and deal with the developer to ensure he agrees with the timeshare cancellation.  


The process of timeshare exit is time-consuming. It takes 8-12 months to exit the timeshare. Dealing with Timeshare Compliance is the best option for your timeshare. They have a team of specialists and work on the given deadlines. They meet their deadline and ensure the customers feel safe and stress-free during the timeshare exit process.  

Highly Rated in Customer Service 

Timeshare Compliance is highly rated in customer service. They provide 24/7 customer service to their customers. You can also check their reviews on online reviews websites like Trustpilot, Google, Bing and BBB.  

Personal Credit Monitoring Service 

The Timeshare exit process aims to affect the client and credit information negatively. Timeshare Compliance has a partnership with United Docu Prep which provides personal credit services.  


Pricing Information 

One of the main cons of Timeshare Compliance is that they keep the pricing information private on their main website. First, they arrange a free consultation call with a client specialist after that, with a case analyst. The case analyst and client specialist discuss your case before generating the financial parameters.  

 In the end, you will decide that you want to accept the deal and continue your timeshare exit with them or want to check on other timeshare exit options.  

Service Cost 

Timeshare Compliance sets high services, and its main aim is to protect its clients from financial burdens. The service cost of Timeshare Compliance is high. They charge unreasonable thousands of dollars from their customers who require extreme rescue from financial burden. 

Unable to Work with Inherited Timeshares 

Timeshare Compliance only works with inherited or timeshare owners who are frustrated with their timeshare. They plan the timeshare exit strategy according to your case’s parameters to maintain their organization’s good reputation. 

Final Verdict 

Don’t overthink about working with Timeshare Compliance. Timeshare Compliance has stayed in the market for more than 9+ years. They provided their customers with the best timeshare cancellation services and proved to be the best timeshare cancellation company with BBB. From this, you can get an idea of their excellent reputation and the trustworthiness of their work.

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