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Most expected boxing fights in 2023

With the first two months of 2023 being somewhat down in boxing because of the absence of super star power in the bouts, the remainder of the first half of the season is anticipated to give us more intense and exhilarating fights in highly expected confrontations.

Sportsbooks all over the world are compiling odds, setting prices and they are quickly developing their bet markets offerings so as to cater to the growth of sporta likmes in light of the upcoming scheduled fight cards as well as potential clashes between superstar boxers, which although are not yet being scheduled are in fact strongly rumored.

Check out the most expected fights for the year 2023 – the ones that have fight cards and some without a confirmation yet.

1. David Benavidez vs Caleb Plant @  MGM Grand, Las Vegas

This will be a super middleweight clash between two exceptionally strong fighters. Benavidez looks forward to confronting someone like Caleb Plant, who is a big name in boxing, so as to claw his way back to contending for a world title.

Remember that Benavidez, a two times former WBC champion, has lost his title once due to a failed test for drugs and once on the scales. Now, he is eager to get into all the action and regenerate himself. Caleb Plant on the other hand, comes off really strong, after his victory in fighting against Anthony Dirrell.

2. Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia – Without a formal confirmation yet

This is going to be the absolute fight, being so intensely anticipated by fans from all over the world. Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia will be one of the biggest shows in boxing, if it happens in the end.

Although their fight has been announced, their meeting has been jeopardized and the event has been threatened with being canceled. But the good news is that the dispute has been resolved and as everything shows now, it is going to happen. If no other problem emerges, the fight is going to happen before the 5th of May, the day when Davis’ sentencing has been set after the boxer pleading guilty in a hit-and-run case.

3. Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano II in Dublin, Ireland

The rematch between two of the top women fighters is surely one of the biggest events to anticipate in boxing this year. Their fight card has been scheduled for May 20 and they will be combating each other for the undisputed lightweight championship title.

They met back in April 2022 at Madison Square Garden in New York in a fight that was a massive success in terms of ticket selling-out. It was a big commercial event, where Taylor got to retain her world titles by showcasing a stunning performance. But Serrano got to shine as well in this fight, with her incredible style and her unique boxing skills. Well, what better than a rematch of such a good meeting?

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