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Qualifacts Carelogic VS Meditech – Features, Pricing, and More!

Qualifacts Carelogic vs Meditech EHR – Overview:

About Meditech:

Meditech EHR Expanse is an EHR designed for a changing world. It evolves in response to the needs of your organization, providers, and community. As a result, you will be able to facilitate better business practices. And lighten the load on your clinicians. Most importantly, enhance patient outcomes. With the right technology partner on your side, you can achieve your goals regardless of size or budget. People are at the center of care with Expanse. So, even when healthcare does not follow a straight line, clinicians’ and patients’ needs are always met. Organizations of any size can use Meditech EHR Cloud Platform to expand and improve their Expanse EHR to include numerous specialties, connect remote locations, and protect patient data. Maintain simple and convenient communication with your neighbors.

Qualifacts Carelogic EHR:

Qualifacts CareLogic is a comprehensive, integrated, and user-friendly solution created specifically for behavioral health and human services. Organizations use Qualifacts CareLogic to streamline business processes, guaranteeing that real-time data flows automatically between the digital client record, billing generator, quality enhancement, reporting, and organizational dashboards. Staff now have immediate and safe access to all essential customer data and financial details, increasing productivity and enhancing both care coordination and patient outcomes. Qualifacts CareLogic will revolutionize and streamline every element of an office’s workflow from start to finish, whether it has one or a thousand providers.

Top Qualifacts Carelogic EHR Features:


With tight margins, staff constraints, and increasing pressure to illustrate improved outcomes, it has never been more important to optimize resources, improve productivity, and lower costs. Adopting an EHR system that is highly fully compatible with other systems is one way to address the unique problems of today’s healthcare landscape. Because our platform is developed with interoperability in mind, Qualifacts CareLogic can assist you in achieving your integration objectives. The team can also help handle your project from start to finish and do the majority of the IT “heavy lifting” for you to simplify and optimize the integration process. Also, Read More About – Cyclopam Tablet Uses in Hindi

Claims Management:

The Qualifacts CareLogic electronic health record (EHR) platform is intended to assist behavioral health organizations in overcoming these challenges by providing a thorough, intelligent claim and billing engine that generates claims automatically (typically within 24 hours after services are provided). Because the system has a series of checks and balances that alert you to missing or incomplete information, Qulaifacts CareLogic is also intended to help you boost your rate of clean claims and prevent denials. Alerts are displayed throughout the provider’s workflow so that corrections can be made ahead of time rather than trying to fix information after the fact. The Qualifacts CareLogic digital health record system also assists you in avoiding money loss even after the claim has been filed.

Compliance and Quality team:

Qualifacts CareLogic was created to assist you in navigating the complexities of compliance. Carelogic assists behavioral healthcare providers in complying with applicable laws and incentive programs such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), Meaningful Use (MU), state reporting requirements, and a slew of other federal and state regulations. You don’t have to traverse the complexities of compliance on your own if you’re committed to assisting clients with behavioral health issues. Carelogic can assist you in deciphering complicated or abstract laws and implementing best practices within your organization by working together.

Top Meditech EHR Features:

Mobile Accessibility:

No doctor wants to take additional work home with them at the end of the day, but they do require access to critical texts, alerts, outcomes, and other workload items outside of the office on occasion. Expanse Now offers access with the same speed, mobility, and comfort as their other mobile apps. Expanse Now, which is available for both Android and iOS mobile phones, allows physicians to remotely access their Expanse EHR wherever they are by using intuitive mobile device conventions. They can now manage routine tasks remotely without connecting to the full EHR from a desktop computer, communicating effectively and patient outcomes from the palm of their hands.

Virtual Care:

As COVID-19 presents the most pressing healthcare challenges in at least a generation, electronic technologies are assisting organizations in responding to: Rapid deployment of cloud technologies. Virtual care is used to connect patients and care teams. Mobile solutions for agility and speed. And voice recognition and artificial intelligence for hands-free efficiency. Healthcare providers require dependable, flexible, intuitive technology that is safe, secure, and reasonably priced for their organizations and patients now more than ever. Continue reading to learn how your organization can transform with constant access to patient data to make the best decisions when every second counts.

Care Coordination:

Case managers, please advocate for your clients to receive the necessary care. Case Management from Meditech EHR provides a centralized solution for organizing all client activity from admission to discharge. Maintain your patients’ health by monitoring compliance, documenting progress toward goals, handling care transitions, and preparing for discharge. Expanse includes MEDITECH’s interoperability solution, which ensures you have all the elements you need in one package to exchange information the way you want. Traverse can assist you in securely sharing data between clinicians and patients across the entire healthcare landscape, from local and regional connections to enrollment in nationwide data exchange services.

Carelogic vs Meditech Pricing:

Carelogic EHR pricing has not been published by the vendor. To know Qualifacts Carelogic EHR cost, you can schedule a Carelogic EHR demo. Meditech EHR pricing has also not been published by the vendor. However, as per research, Carelogic EHR is quite reasonable as compared to Meditech EHR. To know the Meditech EHR cost, please schedule a Meditech EHR demo. 

Carelogic EMR Reviews vs Meditech EHR Reviews:

In terms of reviews, Carelogic EHR seems to be a little more loved and appreciated as compared to Meditech EHR Reviews. Both Solutions have good and bad reviews. However, the reviews of Carelogic EHR seem to be more on the positive side compared to Meditech EHR Reviews. 

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