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Suffering from cough is making life difficult? Try these to get rid of it.

Cough is the reaction of the body clear the blocked ways of breathing from obstructions or irritants.  With the change in weather coughs and colds are very common and most folks suffer from this.  However, nowadays this is not the only cause of observing cough. Many times the cough is caused due to lung infections such as Pneumonia, Flu, Smoke, Strong smells, allergies, Surgery, Dust, Acid Reflux from the stomach, Pneumonia, and Medicines.

 For post-surgery cough home remedies do not work so patients are prescribed with best post-surgical cough relief tablets to alleviate the effects of this post-surgery consequence.  Let us discuss what are the types of cough and what are the home remedies available for them.

  • Based on the time or duration of persistence of cough, it can be of 3 types:
  • Acute cough- The time of this type of cough is less than 3 weeks.
  • Subacute cough- a cough lasting from 3 to 8 weeks can be categorized as subacute cough.
  • Chronic cough- cough that persists for more than 8 weeks can be categorized as chronic cough.
  • Based on the character and quality of the cough, it can be of 2 types:
  • Dry cough or Non Productive cough– a cough that does not have phlegm or sputum.  It can be caused due to irritation of the larynx, swollen vocal cords and throat, or due to bacterial infection of airways and develops a whooping sound in patients accompanied by a strong intake of breath.
  • Wet cough or productive cough- a cough with phlegm or sputum. In this, the mucus is cleared from the lungs. It may be due to a common cold as an acute cough or cigarette smoking leading to chronic cough. When it is chronic, it might be a lifelong condition and needs medical assistance.

For getting rid of acute cough and being healthy these are the home remedies that might be used.

  • Honey- A direct spoonful of honey can be taken or by adding to the hot water.
  • Ginger- it can be consumed either in dishes or various drinks like tea.
  • Hot Fluids- for flu hot beverages like soups, tea, or warm water
  • Gargle with warm salt water- Due to cough, a sore throat is commonly observed and for alleviating the condition of a sore throat gargling with warm salt water is helpful.
  • Steam- Wet cough can be rectified by taking steam. Nowadays Humidifiers are also used in such cases.
  • Dietary changes- In some cases due to diet acid reflux can occur which causes cough. This acid reflux can be triggered due to different reasons in different people, so identifying the reason and making the changes in diet may help with the cough. A common example of this is citrus foods cause’ acid reflux and cough so making the change to diet and avoiding this can help in alleviating the cough. 

In conclusion, Cough is a bodily reaction that is triggered due to various reasons and shows a different state of the body. For an acute cough, home remedies could be used, but for a subacute cough, it is recommended to be consulted with the doctor. However, for chronic cough like that due to long smoking, it is recommended to use the best smoker cough tablet for getting rid of the same.

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