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Tech 101: Everything You Need To Know About Object Lock

Technology is one of the most powerful things with an eternal purpose. It can give endless opportunities and solutions to everyone in this world, and it has been progressing g over the years. Technology caters to a vast virtual world and alleviates the lives of people, professionals, mere students, and even big companies. We use it for entertainment and even to store personal files. Indeed, keeping your file in a virtual setting is a modernized method; and people are gravitating toward it. 

Technology has been helping us in most ways, and if you think that everything will come off positively, you may need to rethink that notion. Technology is sometimes risky because attackers might harm your information and data. They are cybercriminals; they are hard to catch. Hence, you can dodge this problem, but it may be irreversible once their attack deeply penetrates your device. These hard truths are not to care for you but to bring more awareness and solutions and increase protection.

Many IT solutions are available in the market, and one of the most effective plans you could make is to have an Object Lock. Object Lock might be unfamiliar, but it is best to keep your options open. Before digging into more complex matted, it is best to learn the surface-level information. Make sure to list some of the essential things. Lastly, share this with your families and friends for future reference.

What Is Object Lock-in?

Object lock-in is a security solution, as it adds another layer of protection to your device, personal information, and data. As we said, cybercriminals can endanger your data, but with an object lock-in, they can avoid this problem. Object lock-in ensures that your files are never vulnerable to getting deleted or altered.

  1. Utilizes WORM Model

WORM means Write Once, Read Many. WORM Model primarily means after the data has been registered or written, your data will be harder to be deleted or altered over a certain period. Note that even the owners will not be free to change the data or whoever integrated the object lock. Hence, you can still access the file anytime.

This strategy provides a clear framework on how object lock will secure and its intensity of protection for your data.

  1. Locks Does Not Have A Fixed Retention Period

In case you miss, object lock does not entirely mean it holds your data restricted from altering and deleted forever. As the owner, you can uplift your files’ immutability by removing the object lock legal hold. So, it would help if you did not fret about getting your files permanently untouchable.

  1. Provides Virtual Air Gaps

Once you have input your file on a tape, and the user unequips the tape to the network, it primarily makes a gap between the backup and production system. So, in situations where ransomware attacks disrupt your system, you can instantaneously use the prior tapes to restore the systems.

  1. Compatible

In terms of compatibility, object lock works excellently with many other cloud services. One thing you need to consider is compatibility because there are times when you will need to team up with other cloud services to strengthen your security measures. Here are some cloud services that work smoothly with Object Lock:

  • Backblaze B2 Integrations
  • Veeam
  • Rubrik
  • Commvault
  • MSP360
  1. Highly Recommended By Data Experts

If you are still hesitating and doubting, this signals you to use an object lock. Even big industries utilize this as cyber insurance.

In Conclusion, Is Object LockWorth It?

If that is what it takes to secure your files, then yes, it will always be worth it. These solutions should never be taken for granted and should be known to everyone to avoid cyber attacks. So, stop contemplating and hesitating and start having a secure plan with an object lock. 

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