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Trollishly: 4 Useful Security Tips For Using TikTok

Everybody is using more apps because the world revolves around gadgets and apps. But unfortunately, every app is not safe and secure for usage. In recent years, many people have faced issues with cyber security, and the rate of cyber crimes has increased. Now people are aware of it more. So people became cautious in downloading and usage of the apps. Although, whatever the app has in-built best securities, some violaters breach it. 

Is it safe to use TikTok? As far as now, TikTok is the app that has been used by more than 1 billion people worldwide. Till now, TikTok is the app known for its trust among users. Being popular on TikTok is not a simple task; you must put your effort into it completely. If you are looking for more engagement to your TikTok account, then you can opt to buy tiktok shares, which shall build your recognition. Now, let’s dive into the article to look at the security tips on TikTok. 

4 Tips To Be Safe On TikTok

If you want to keep yourself safe on the app, you have to follow some security tips given below, 

1. Make Your TikTok Account Private

TikTok private account is safe for users who are seeking security. Making the account private essentially authorizes you to approve your followers. Only friends with you on TikTok can watch your videos and shall share or like them. To enable the private account, you have to go to settings, click on privacy and safety, and activate the personal account under discoverability. Moreover, even in a private account, you may earn popularity. You may also try using Trollishly to enrich your performance. 

2. Change The Sharing Option

By default, TikTok will share your videos on other people’s ‘for you page’ pages. So to eliminate unknown people watching your videos, you shall turn off the option ‘suggest your account to others on the discoverability tab. Now when you turn on the option, your videos will not be recommended to other users. It will also prevent you from finding your account on search engines. Isn’t it a pretty secure option? Now try to leverage it completely. 

3. Manage Safety Settings

TikTok allows interactions with other users. The users can like, view, download, direct message, and duet with your videos. By default, these interactions are kept on in TikTok. To limit this, you have to go to a privacy setting. Now click on the ‘safety’ where you can see three options as follows, 

  • Allow your videos to be downloaded 
  • Who can send you direct messages 
  • Who can duet with your videos

For all three you can choose between only me, friends, everyone. If you want to be safer, experts suggest that you can allow your friends to direct message you and click on ‘only me’ for the duet option. If you block these options, no one can easily abuse them. 

4. Select Restricted Mode For Children’s Accounts

As the app has unnecessary content for children, parents should click on the ‘restricted mode’ for the betterment of the children. It is not 100% accurate, but it is a good option. When you turn on the restricted mode, it prevents inappropriate content from appearing for the children. Even the app allows setting the passcode so that the children will not be able to change the feature without your knowledge buy real tiktok followers

Additional Security Measures To Focus

Parents or adults have to take into consideration the below security measures as follows, 

TikTok Remote: A vital setting is that parents can give their children’s accounts remote access. So they can manage the videos seen by their children. Once you connect to the children’s account, it is possible to control the screen time management, direct messages, and restricted modes. So it makes sure that your children are protected all the time. 

Keep Tough Passwords: Many can easily guess your passwords if you keep details like birthdays, names, etc. Instead, select a unique password that no one can able to identify. 

Use The Two-Factor Authentication Method: This verification will check the user two times. After that, you can log in to your account by generating OTP if you have already entered your phone number. You need to enter the OTP generated to your mobile each time you log in. 

Automatic Save Login: To prevent unauthorized individuals from logging into your account, you can turn off the autosave option. It is available in the manage section. 

Be Cautious: Do not click on the links you receive from unknown sources. It may contain a malicious payload that can steal your information. Moreover, the app will ask for some permissions, and you also make sure you allow it in terms only while using the app. 


If you find any malicious activities or suspect any unwanted ones, you shall report them to TikTok. Also, it will be helpful if you get to know when and how to register. But then, TikTok always guarantees you more security. You can even try using Trollishly to make your account reach heights. Thanks for reading!

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