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When to Wear a Pendant on a Necklace

When it comes to wearing a necklace, you have two choices. You can wear a chain, or you can choose to have a necklace featuring a pendant. Both can be stylish and make you feel confident. But, there are some situations where it is better to wear one over the other. For example, you might like to wear a chain on a casual occasion. Alternatively, a pendant necklace can be lovely to wear when you are going to a formal event. 

Everyone is going to be different in what they want to wear. But, if you are wondering when it is best to wear a pendant on a necklace, here are some tips that can help you decide.

To Add Color to an Outfit

Perhaps you feel like your outfit is plain, and you want to add some interest. Instead of changing your clothes, you can have some fun with the accessories you are wearing. Namely, you can add a pendant to the necklace you have. This can be intriguing and a good way to introduce a new color to break up the outfit and make it more fun. For example, a pendant can include vibrant colors or it can feature diamonds or gemstones. To can make your necklace as elaborate or minimalist as you want to.

To Show Your Personality

Let’s not forget that there are many pendants out there to choose from. This is your opportunity to add your own personal touch to your chain and allow everyone to learn more about you. For example, if you are a fan of flowers, you might like to add a floral charm to your necklace. Alternatively, if you want to show you are fierce and brave, you can wear a 22K gold lion pendant. Indeed, wearing these types of pendants can allow people to get to know you and understand what you are all about.

To Create the Right Look

Of course, you are going to be dressed for the occasion. In other words, if you are going casual, you might want to add a fun pendant. Alternatively, formal occasions mean that you have to dress fancier than normal and make sure you present yourself well. Again, a pendant can help you do that and assist you in creating the right look. Accessories are important, and they can have a huge impact on your outfit.

Tips for Wearing a Pendant on Your Necklace

Would you like to add a pendant to your necklace? Indeed, this can be something that you have fun with. Here are some useful tips for wearing a pendant on your necklace.

Match the Metal

When you are choosing a pendant, it is best to select one that is made from the same metal as your necklace. This is going to ensure they complement each other and look like they belong together. Therefore, if you have a gold chain, you want to select a gold pendant to go with this. You will see they match and not stand out in the wrong light “ugg slippers”.

Consider the Chain Length

Something to think about is the length of the chain you are wearing. For example, if you have a long chain, it is going to be best to pair this with a large pendant. This way, it does not look too small and insignificant on the chain. Alternatively, if you are wearing a short chain, you might want to go for a medium-sized pendant and one that has a complementing shape.

Think About the Outfits

Another consideration you want to make is what types of outfits you will be wearing with this necklace and pendant. For example, what type of neckline will the dress, t-shirt or jumper have? This is important for selecting the right shape of pendant and ensuring it looks good with the outfit. For example, long and tangling pendants look good with a V-neck. With a scoop neckline, you might like something rounder.

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