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Why Choose Journalism & Mass Communication Degree?

Growing up, many of you would have idolized the fearless and globally acknowledged journalism of Barkha Dutt, Ravish Kumar and similar others. In an ever-growing mass media field, the demand for media professionals is always on the rise. With the advancements in the communication field and an increase in people’s virtual presence, pursuing a career in journalism and mass communication shall prove worthy.

The world is always in need of professionals who can bring out the best and worst alike from various sectors. Studying MA in Journalism and Mass Communication prepares you to build a career in the media sector.

Are you confused about making the choice of diverting to the media field? Let’s go through a few reasons why you should choose this course.

  1. Plenty of opportunities

Completing a masters in journalism and mass communication opens the door to several opportunities in the media field and other digital sectors. With the technology sector advancing rapidly, innovations like mobile journalism and news apps are taking the ground in several parts of the world. In this digital age, people frequently check their phones to know about the latest news. This increases the demand for graduates in journalism.

Myriad of opportunities are available for journalism graduates in the field of reporting, proofreading, copywriting, public relations, digital marketing and so on.

  • Channel of expression

In testing times and times of crisis, expressing oneself is very important and at the same time difficult. As a journalist, you would have the chance to express your opinions on events and issues that matter. The fieldwork and numerous presentations during the course will provide you with the confidence to voice your concerns and explore your thoughts and instincts in a better way. Thus, the course act as a channel to help you express yourself better preparing you to meet any challenges in future.

  • Travel and explore

Getting a job that gives you the freedom to travel the world and explore is the dream of every student. If that is the case for you as well, studying journalism and mass communication is the best choice for you. Any job in the media sector comes with flexibility and freedom allowing you to explore new vistas. The various career prospects in the field will require you to travel as a part of it. Besides, travel journalism is also gaining popularity in today’s world, thereby opening pathways to channel your inner wanderlust.

  • Networking

To fulfil any of your dreams, networking is a very important factor. Knowing people and places is essential to every step in your career, be it in any field. There is no other sector better than media and communications to build and develop connections. Choosing journalism and mass communication allows you to interact and socialize with a wide spectrum of people, thereby improving your chances of establishing yourself in any field.

The world is expanding every day and so is the media and communication sector. If you like to follow your passion in the digital field, a master’s in journalism and mass communication is the right choice for you.

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