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Everything you need to know about wok burners

Wok burners are one of the essential pieces of equipment in any commercial kitchen. They allow you to sear meat and vegetables and keep your wok at the proper heat for fast cooking. There are several types of commercial wok burners out there with varying features that you can use for your business. This article will cover what a wok burner is, how they work and why they’re so popular among chefs around the world. It’ll also talk about some of the design details that go into making a good one!

What is a wok burner?

A wok burner is a high-temperature burner specifically designed for use with woks. They’re used in Asian restaurants and in some commercial kitchens. These burners aren’t the same as standard gas or electric stoves—they have more features than their counterparts, including adjustable heat levels and temperature control knobs that allow you to set your desired temperature.

Wok burners have been around since the early 1900s, but they’ve become more popular recently due to their versatility: You can cook with them on any stovetop surface (including induction), whether it has an electric element or not!

How do they work?

A wok burner is a special type of stovetop burner that uses a flame to heat your wok. The food cooks in its own juices, which means you can add as much or as little oil as you want.

The best way to use a wok burner is to place it on top of your stove (or an electric burner) and place the bottom grate over the flame. Then add water or other liquids into the bottom part of your wok and turn on the heat until the water boils. When this happens, remove from heat briefly before placing back onto top rack for cooking time.

Design details

Commercial wok burners are designed to be used with woks, which have a round bottom and a long handle. The shape of the wok facilitates cooking over high heat, which is why it’s also called a “Chinese frying pan.”

Woks can be made of carbon steel or cast iron. The material used makes a difference in how much you’ll need to season your new burner before using it for the first time. Cast iron will require much more care than its lighter counterpart because it’s more porous and requires extra oiling during use (which can lead to rust).

User experience

Wok burners are easy to use, versatile and enable fast cooking. They give you control over the heat of your wok burner so that you can cook with confidence. Woks are safe; they have been used for centuries in Asian cooking and are considered an essential piece of equipment if you want to make authentic Chinese cuisine.

Woks have many benefits over other cooking utensils: they’re faster than frying pans or grills (they take less time), they allow more control over heat levels (you can turn down the heat when needed), and there is no need for oil or butter (which makes cleanup easier).

Various options

You can choose from a range of sizes and styles, including cast iron and carbon steel models, as well as induction burners for use with electric stoves. You’ll also find woks with varying depths so that you can cook foods such as noodles or eggs at different temperatures without them falling through the bottom of your wok.

If you have questions about what options are available for your new wok burner or if there are any other options that would be beneficial to have to make cooking easier, contact the customer service representatives of specific brands; they will be happy to answer any questions regarding customisations or orders!

Wok burners are great for commercial kitchens.

Commercial wok burners are great for commercial kitchens because they are safe to use and easy to clean.

They can be used on a stovetop or in an oven with an attachment that allows you to raise or lower the temperature of your wok burner. This makes them very versatile when it comes to cooking different types of food: You can easily cook eggs and chicken breasts in your wok burner without having them stick together! If you’re using this type of burner at home, there’s no need for any modifications; just make sure that whatever type of oil or fat is being used with it is non-stick so as not to inhibit its ability as a heat source (or vice versa).

Wok burners are an excellent choice for commercial kitchens because they are safe to use and easy to clean. They have the added benefit of being able to be customised with different elements depending on your needs. If you’re looking for a new way to cook your favourite dishes, a wok burner could be the perfect match!

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